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Business Overview

The history of ShineWing could be traced back to the early Eighties of last century. In the last 30 years, along with China’s economic reforms and open-door policy, ShineWing has grew rapidly from a small firm to a large firm, and from a large firm to an industry leader. Now with more than 2,300 professional staff with billions of revenue and reliable and high-quality technical capabilities, ShineWing has become one of the most prestigious and integrated accounting firms in China.

Base on the firm’s management philosophy such as emphasizing stability, expansion at its own pace without external influences, and seizing opportunities when appropriate, ShineWing has successfully merged 12 other accounting and consulting firms in 2009 further strengthening its resources and industry leadership position under the background of ‘go stronger and bigger’ of the CPA industry. ShineWing now has established its organizational structure that is headquartered in Beijing, and supported by 13 domestic branch offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Tianjin, Qingdao, Changsha, Changchun, Dalian, Guangzhou, Yinchuan, Jinan and Kunming and 4 overseas member firms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia respectively. ShineWing has adopted an integrated management system for all its domestic branch offices, and is the only one accounting firm that has applied the integration concept in China so far.

Since its commencement of business, ShineWing’s professional services have been continuously developed in depth. ShineWing has now possessed various practicing qualifications such as securities and futures related audits, Grade-A construction cost engineering, and AAA service level for tax advisory services. Its service scope covers auditing, management consulting, accounting and bookkeeping services, tax advisory, and construction cost engineering, etc.. Either in the discipline of auditing or construction cost engineering, ShineWing always receives the highest level of qualifications in the related fields. ShineWing is capable of providing professional services to our clients to meet their requirements in both mainland China and Hong Kong. Apart from providing auditing services to our mainland clients, ShineWing also provides full-scope auditing services to clients who are listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (H-share companies).

ShineWing has maintained a harmonized international management team which is composed by partners who are energetic, proactive, united, intelligent and responsible. As of 31 October 2009, the number of partners has reached more than 80 globally, inclusive of mainland China offices as well as our Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia offices, spreading from auditing, management consulting, construction cost engineering to tax advisory disciplines. Our partners possess in-depth professional knowledge and technical skills in the fields as well as rich management experiences in related industries. The average age of our partners is only 42 years old.

Since inception, despite ShineWing has been growing through several mergers and reorganizations as well as organic expansion over the times, its management team is still intact and working in harmony, through reaping the benefits of ShineWing’s healthy partnership culture, advanced governance structure and practices, as well as integrated management system that is highly aligned with the industry’s development trend. We share the ideas, we are concentric, we are co-operative, and we are intellectually harmonized. Our partners are mutually supportive and complementary, and developing jointly and share the benefits of the growth. Though our partners are from different corners and different cities, they are truly united and harmonized. New partners can easily join with others soon after merger and being fully integrated within our firm, the stability and unity of our partnership team is of no comparison from other competitors in the industry. Our partnership culture, which places emphasizes on cooperation and mutually supportive and joint-development, guarantees the firm’s rapidly, smoothly and healthily growth.

ShineWing has established a sound internal management system. Our Beijing headquarters adopts a highly integrated management system to manage and control the branch offices across China Our firm-wide policies and regulations cover human resources management, financial management, technical knowledge and practice risk management, business development, IT management, training management, administration and branch office management etc. By leveraging its advanced organizational structure, operations of various management committees, and firm-wide integrated management systems (such as collaborative ,management system, financial management system, etc), our firm-wide policies and regulations are fully implemented and has realized its expected benefits.

ShineWing has equipped with a strong merger and integration capability. We have expanded and evolved through consecutive years of mergers, but we have never given up pursuing our goals and strategies. With our excellent internal management system, we are huge but not incompact; giant but not disordered; large but not random. With our highly integrated and intensified management system, we are still considered as one of the most powerful and integrated accounting firms in China. We are steadily moving forward to be a bigger and stronger accounting firm.