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Business Overview

iMandarin Designs and Publishes Our Own Textbooks

iMandarin produces and publishes its own textbooks: first “My Chinese Classroom”, which was used from 2003 to 2011, and most recently “Our Chinese Classroom”.  These books are reviewed and edited annually to keep up-to-date with students’ needs and feedback from our language instructors. We also produce our own supplemental learning material including but not limited to CDs, flashcards, and posters.

iMandarin is an Accredited Member of EAQUALS

EAQUALS is an international association of providers of language courses and services which aims to promote high quality within the language education field. In order to become an Accredited Member of EAQUALS, each school must undergo a rigorous external inspection to ensure that the school is able to meet the strict criteria laid down in the EAQUALS Charters. The inspection is repeated every four years. For further information about EAQUALS, visit

iMandarin is a Subsidiary of NeWorld Education Group

NeWorld is committed to providing students with high-quality services and an exceptional learning experience.  This commitment is reflected via continual focus on product innovation and research. As of September 2011, NeWorld operates 105 learning centers nationwide, of which 102 are direct-owned. NeWorld as a whole enjoyed approximately 100,000 student enrollments in the calendar year of 2011. NeWorld is a strategic partner of and receives strong support from (Series A investor) the Carlyle Group.

We Let the Numbers Speak for Themselves

iMandarin is a quality institution, and you don’t even have to take our word for it!  Just look at the numbers: since the school’s inception in 2003, it has grown from 1 center in Shanghai to 18 centers in 10 major cities across China.  More than 60% of the countries in the entire world have citizens that were our students at one point or another.  Our corporate clients include some of the largest national and multi-national businesses in China.  Over 10,000 individuals have signed up for our classes.  Join the crowd!

iMandarin Features Only the Most Qualified Language Instructors

In order to become a language instructor at iMandarin, a candidate must have at least 800 hours’ worth of classroom experience and a degree in language and/or instruction from a prominent university.  After being hired our instructors undergo monthly classroom observations, weekly feedback from senior staff members, written feedback from students at the beginning and end of each class, and annual performance reviews.  They also receive in-house training in the form of monthly seminars.  Don’t take our word for the quality of our teaching staff, though - we’ll let our EAQUALS certification speak for itself (Overseas Program only).

iMandarin Provides Top-Notch Customer Service

iMandarin is dedicated to the idea that longevity in the business world comes from stellar customer service.  It doesn’t matter how good our courses are - if a student has a negative experience even outside of the classroom it can affect their perception of the school and therefore our reputation.  That’s why we take steps to ensure that staff members are ready to assist you with anything you need, whether it’s a tutor with a different accent, airport shuttle service, or something as simple as directions to the nearest post office.