China RED Massage

Address Address: 1278 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai
Hours Hours:  9am–4am Midnight
Website Website:
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Business Overview

China Red  massage center is located in shanghai and beijing .We have many Professional beijing and shanghai massage girls provides high-quality outcall massage and hotel massage service .

We cover the male customer base. female ; in addition to foreign tourists, foreign immigrants, including local chinese consumers. we offer a reasonable price high quality services to the details to create a fine atmosphere, quality service to our customers to feel value for money.

RED massage is based on the ancient oriental tradition,  inherits the millenarian chinese medicine methods to derivate the unique massage techniques to promote a healthy well-being system scientifically. the use of people's hands to operate the service. double your pleasure and indulge your senses in this truly exquisite treatment that leaving the circulation smoother, tight muscle loosened and stress released. enjoying a relaxing body massage while having your body lull and pamper to perfection.  the two kind treatments given simultaneously, interacts and blends its energies to complement each other to restore balance and harmony to the body and soul .

We use the imported brands have certified  massage oil.  oil origin of the word is derived from ancient sanskrit meaning of herbs. our pure essential oils for the treatment of quality standard. It's a very fine craft, the world's most respected aromatherapy also. It meticulous approach to the cultivation, extraction, filling and packaging of these essential oils.  We  All  essential oils  products from planting to bottling, completely done by hand.

Our mission : at red center massage is to use the most helpful and healthy products to provide you with a natural, relaxing, and therapeutic experience. our highly experienced massage girl are committed to providing a healthy experience supported by carefully sourced organic products. to provide you with a friendly, warm and thoughtful professional massage services.

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