Sourcing Agent,Translator,Business Guide Service in Shenzhen Sourcing Agent,Translator,Business Guide Service in Shenzhen

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Sourcing Agent,Translator,Business Guide Service in Shenzhen

Worldwide Partners WorldVillage Intl Co.,Limited,we are looking for overseas partners from all over the world to work together, these partners could be Individuals or Small Medium Enterprises who are doing business in China, who need business consultant, business services and solutions for entering and expanding their business in China!

Sourcing Agent
Business Consultant
Customized Service
Your Gateway Doing Business in China China is a different world, not just a different language

"China is a different world, not just a different language.
Chinese Suppliers do things differently to Western Suppliers.
Chinese people think very differently to Western People
Chinese culture is different to Western Culture.
Chinese negotiation is legendary and different

Chinese don't usually obey the rules because of Chinese Changing Culture.
Chinese don't usually answer "Yes or No" easily. So can always get Plan B
Chinese don't usually talk directly but talk around to get more information related.

For Western "yes is yes, no is no", For Chinese yes could be no, no could be yes
Western usually answer Yes or No, Chinese usually answer Maybe or Depends on

What usually Chinese Suppliers act during the meeting?
· Never offer a price first. (Need your price or target price)
· Never discuss a deal before discussing other matters.
· Never take offense at a price.
· Never walk away from a negotiation
· Never put a time limit on negotiations
· Never offer a final price for the first quotation.
· Never say no directly
· Never stop trying

Common Western Mistakes when dealing with China
Too direct showing how much you are interested about the products or the price.
Too fast making the deals before bargaining.
Too trust when your suppliers say yes or no.
Too late when you try to bargain, because you already showed you can accept the price.

Making mistakes in China can be VERY VERY Expensive.

But don't worry, Have us be your aside!

Any questions, Welcome to contact 24 hours Consulting line:

WhatsApp/Viber/Cell: 0086-15813701729

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