“ Cats” in Shantang Street “ Cats” in Shantang Street

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七里山塘 OR 七狸山塘

(“Qili Shantang” same pronunciation but different Li)


Shantang Street was firstly built during Tang Dynasty by poet Baijuyi. The overall length of the street is 3600 meters. Li (里) is the length unit in China, 1 Li=500 meters. Therefore, Shangtang Street is called Qi(seven)li ShanTang.


There is another statement of the street name. Qili (Qi means 7; li means leopard cat) also means seven leopard cats. Legend has it that, in Ming Dynasty, Liu Bowen (politician, militarist and writer of the Ming Dynasty) found that the Shantang River was shaped like a real dragon. He was afraid that the trail of dragon would threaten the status of current emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. To conquer the dragon, he asked to build seven indigo stone leopard cats from the Shantang Bridge to the Xishan Temple Bridge.

Some scholars speculated that because the ancient people believed in Feng Shui, the statues of the seven leopard cats were all set to ward off evils.

Recent years, there appeared network novels and mobile games containing the elements of "Shantang Seven Leopard Cats", which made them become a hot topic.

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“ Cats” in Shantang Street

“ Cats” in Shantang Street...

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