Foreign TV channels in Hangzhou Foreign TV channels in Hangzhou

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Let's see first what you can get from Hangzhou local TV broadcasters:


China Telecome IPTV

Both of them are popular among Chinese only while expats are not satisfied with the English Channel they provide: They provide around 100 Chinese channels with only one speaking English – the CCTVNEWS. It's not enough at all.

We can get you Satellte TV Channels in Hangzhou (Channels of your own countries like CNN, BBC, HBO etc).

For some known reason, it's not easy to run foreign TV channel in homes in Hangzhou. Sometimes the speed of streaming is buffering, and some channels are not displaying.

Clydesdale provides the solution for this! We can manage get various satellite tv packages, so no matter which country you are from, there is always one package suitable for you. Price differs according to the different packages you choose.

a. English TV Channels Package

b. Korean Channels Package

c. Japanese Channels

d. Indian Channels Package (incl.Regional Channels)

e. Hong Kong/ Macau / Taiwan Channels Package

f . Malaysian Channels Package

g. Arabic Channels Packages

h. Large Video-on-Demand resources

Besides, we can provide VOD (video on demand) solutions of English movies and TV series with large resources to your home so enabling your time at home will not get bored.

Contact us to get the latest channel list and try watching for free for 1 week!

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