Q&A about renting apartment in China Q&A about renting apartment in China

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Q&A Guide to Housing Rental for Foreigners In China

1. How to do the payment?
Normally, rent should be paid for three months in advance, with a deposit of one month. And sometimes, pay monthly is also okay(but owner may ask higher rent). Remember do not pay more than 3 months in advance to the company, which rent apartments from the landlord, or you may suffer the risk of deception.

2. How to do the viewing?
To view apartments, contact in advance is necessary. In accordance with the local investigation at the scene, our agency will provide plentiful options to customers before the viewing. After picking up and viewing, we’re glad to analyze the pros and cons and do comparisons to help you move on to the next stage. It’s our pleasure to show you around the surrounding entertainment and facilities as well.

3. Is the price negotiable?
The original price is often negotiable. It depends on many aspects, for example, how long is the lease term; whether extra furniture is needed to buy; what time to sign the contract and move in; what is the current market price. As the saying goes, everything depends on the right time, the suitable place and the nice landlord. Anyway, our agency would try our best o fight for a nice price for you.

(For more pictures,videos and VR of nice apartments, please scan this QR code)

4. What to do before moving in the apartment?
Before moving in, we offer standard bilingual contract and list (which is recognized by expats in China). Our agency would pay off the utility bills left by the former tenant. Furthermore, we will make it clear whether the electrical appliance works well and whether there are any big cracks on the wall. We suggest taking photos and confirm situations with the owner before moving in, to make sure the deposit will be refunded when the lease is expired(if anything else is okay).

5. What should be noticed after signing contract?
The foreign tenant should bring passport to do registration in corresponding police office. Do remember to pay utilities every month, in case there would be no water and electricity(our agency can pay the bill on your behalf for free). If furniture or appliance are broken, contact the agency instantly. Last but not the least, don’t forget turn off the gas device when going out for a long journey.

It is a hard thing for foreigners to rent an apartment in China. If you can speak good Chinese and know quiet well about the location, it may be easier, but if not, you’d better consult a professional agency. FocusT Foreign Rental service is an efficient and dedicated agency to free you from hassles in house rental things and daily routine, and most importantly, to help you find an ideal apartment.

A. After-sales service
1.Provide enough information and options, drive you to the house and inspect the house
2.Good negotiation skills with owners about the lease agreements and meet the client’s requirements before we sign a lease contract
3. Check out, deposit refund and utilities settlement
4.ADSL installation(China telecom:100mbs 200mbs300mbs500mbs 1000mbs),set up WiFi router
5. Recommend and install the smart toilet、water softener、water filter、oven、air purifier、TV box and so on
6. Indoor equipment maintenance:furniture and electrical,circuit,Sewer dredging,light replacement,kitchen ventilator cleaning,AC socket replacement, floorheating & heater maintenance,tape cleaning in kitchen & bathroom,water leak,wall painting,lock change & unlock and so on
7. Utilities payment support: water、 electricity、 gas、 internet and so on
8. Remind to pay for the rent,help issuing the rental invoice(fapiao)

B.Daily Life Service
Water dispenser purchase and water reservation
Moving service(order package boxes )
Cleaning service(long term or few times)
Pets service:apply pets inspection and quarantine,health certificate and permit
House property insurance purchase
Rent & Buy apartments or offices from agency(Whole Suzhou)
Serviced apartment renting for a short or long term

C.Agency Service
Business license application
Bank card service(open a new card or currency exchange,e.g.)
Open a SIM card for phone
Driving license application in Suzhou, China
Temporary Accommodation Registration Form
Non-criminal background check in Suzhou
Individual income tax bill
Degree authorization
Booking bus、train,flights、cars and hotels
Taobao purchase、second-hand furniture、ebike and car purchase,
Shopping accompany,negotiation
Car rental service

D. Derivative Service
English tour guide
Chinese learning
Various of cultural exchange activities
Work visa inquiry

For more options, pls follow wechat account:
Apartment Rental ServiceFocusT

Phone/wechat: 13815268206

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