Some Tips about WIFI Some Tips about WIFI

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With over ten years of experience of foreign service,we summarize Options & Tips to share with you.

Wi-Fi Options of China Telecom

I Packages: (price for reference)

*Yearly payments:
Download speed 100mbs 200mbs 300mbs 500mbs 1000mbs Fee(per year) 708rmb 1108rmb 1708rmb 2508rmb 3588rmb

*Monthly payments (two-year fixed contract)
Download speed 100mbs 200mbs 300mbs 500mbs 1000mbs Fee (per month) 80rmb/month 120rmb/month 180rmb/month 260rmb/month 299rmb/month

*iTV box ( but only Chinese channels)
II.Why China Telecom?
1. According to our survey, China Telecom is professional on networks while other suppliers do well in Smart phone service
2. Fast and stable speed (friendly for games like Xbox,Steam and Nintendo )
III.What we can offer
1. Vip service: with cooperation with China Telecom, clients can have everything done immediately, no hassles in application.
2. Repair: for free
3. Flexibility: transfer to a new place with 108rmb
4. Convenience: we take back the modem and do the cancel on behalf of you
IV. Most importantly, low risk
Foreigners need to apply WiFi with their passport by their own(normally take 3-7 days)individual credit may be affected if there is an arrearage

Tips about WIFI

-Download: The same with what shows e.g. 100mbs download speed is 100 mbs
-Upload: 1/10 what shows e.g. 100mbs upload speed is 10mbs(if you contact overseas a lot, you’d better have faster upload speed.)

II.Choose appropriate router
-100/200mbs(100-400rmb): TP-Link, Xiaomi, Honor ... ...
-300/500/1000mbs(500-1500rmb): Huawei, NETGEAR, Asus, Mercury... ...

III.For big apartment
-Set at least 2 routers(bridging routers,by changing the IP address, to strengthen signals around every corner )

IV.What can you do when WiFi signal is weak
-Remove the plug from socket,wait few minutes and plug in again. Otherwise call the service.

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