2014 ninth session of Shanghai international Wine and Spirits Exhibition

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    Organizer: China import Wine chamber of Commerce
    Duration: 2014-11-04 - 2014-11-06
    Hours: 10:00 - 18:00
    Venue: Shanghai Everbright International Convention and Exhibition Center
    City: Shanghai
    Contact: Miss Wen
    Tel: +86-21-26727828
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BM Wine Expo 2014 ninth session of Shanghai international Wine and Spirits Exhibition

2014 The 9th Shanghai International Wine And SpiritsExpo

On November 4, 2014 -6 in Shanghai EverbrightInternational Convention and Exhibition Center


Organizer: China import Wine chamber of food enterprises Chinese Federation Wine branch

Host: China Wine Association international grape andWine Organization (OIV)

China Wine Association China Brewing Industry Association Wine branch

The Spanish Wine Association Bordeaux France WineIndustry Association

Italy Wine Association Germany Wine Association

America Wine import Association of Hongkong WineAssociation

Shanghai brewing professional association of TonghuaWine Association

Organizational unit: Wine and Spirits Exhibition Organizing Committee Shanghai Trade Exhibition Co. Ltd.

Held in the same period

● international Wine and spirits market development forum

● international Wine contest

Brief introduction

"BM Wine Expo 2014 ninth session of Shanghai international Wine and Spirits Exhibition" is one of the biggest events Chinese liquor.

In the 2013 session of the eighth Shanghai internationalWine and Spirits Exhibition Exhibition Pavilion has shown that most countries will continue to participating in Shanghai in 2014. The estimated 2014 ninth session of Shanghai international Wine and Spirits Exhibition will once again usher in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Chile, Greece, Hongkong, Hungary, New Zealand, Romania region, Portugal, American and Chinamainland exhibitors. The Wine Chinese market each year to maintain growth of around 30%-50%. Now, the focus of the world in China. As the current Wine consumption growth is one of the most powerful market and Asian Winemost major market consumption country, China has a verybright future "". For foreign Wine producers and dealers:"not in the Chinese, on the way to Chinese."

Exhibits range

Wine?: various kinds of wine red, white Wine Wine,champagne, sparkling wine, wine, fruit wine, Shirleyliqueur, wine, liqueur, noble rot wines from grapes......

?: the traditional Western spirits high wine, whiskey,brandy, vodka, rum, tequila, liquor......

? wine: other alcoholic beverages, wine, fruit wine, beer,Yellow Wine, health wine, health wine, low alcoholdrinks......

? drinking vessel: bottle opener, wine glasses, decanters,spit the wine, wine storage......

? wine packaging: wine packaging new technology, new technology, new materials, new products, packaging materials, packaging boxes (paper / plastic / metal / Wood/ leather / color printing products etc.

Liquor storage?: wine, wine rack, wine cellar......

? wine brewing equipment: large and small brewing equipment, beer, beverage filling, sealing equipment,sterilization equipment, beer and beverage processing equipment, labeling equipment, liquid detection and date printing equipment, conveying system, handling and palletizing equipment

Wine culture?: trademark, publications, advertising designand cultural exchange......

The audience area

The wine importers, traders, agents, wholesalers, retailers and other institutions, the network group purchase

Catering and tourism industry

Entertainment and bar industry

A wine collection, lovers, investors, wine club members


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