2013 China (Shenzhen) International Touchscreen & Technology Exhibition

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    Organizer: (Shenzhen)Huiduo Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Duration: 2013-05-09 - 2013-05-11
    Hours: 9:00 - 17:00
    Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center(Huafu Road No.3)
    Address: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center(Huafu Road No.3)
    City: Shenzhen
    Tel: 86-020-85556058
    Fax: 0755-61624011
    Mobile: 15989238452
    Email: nancy@5icmp.com
    Website: http://www.5icmp.com
    2013 China (Shenzhen) International Touchscreen & Technology Exhibition
2013 China (Shenzhen) International Touchscreen & Technology Exhibition
time:may 9th-11th
adress.:Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center(Huafu Road No.3)
【Inquiry to the organizing committee】
Hotline:400-000-9250 (within mainland China)
Tel: (+86)-20-85556058
Fax: 0755-61624011
Website: www.5icmp.com
E-mail: nancy@5icmp.com
Contact to:Nancy (+86) 15989238452

Scope of Exhibits
Touch Panel Module/Display: Resistive touch screen, Capacitive Touchscreen, Resistive Touchscreen, Infrared Touchscreen, Surface Acoustic Wave Touchscreen, Bending Wave Touchscreen, SAW Touchscreen, Multi-touchscreen, In-cell Touchscreen, Optical Touchscreen, Touch Panel Module, Membrane Switch, Touchscreen Display, Whiteboard, the LCD the OLED, TFT, Touchscreen Central Control System Development and Production Technology, Others.
Components/Materials: Conductive Film, Transparent Conducting Film, Touch Panel, Connector, OCA, Tape, Adhesive Material, PET Protective Film, Plastic/ Glass Substrate, Sensor, IC, Paste/Ink Material, Electrode Material, MEMS Component, Light Emitting/Receiving Element
Equipment/Devices: Sophisticated Combination of the Touchscreen, Automatic Defoaming Machine, Coating Equipment, Laminating/Assembling Equipment, Purification Equipment, Vacuum Equipment, Testing Equipment, Printing Equipment, Board Inspection System, Cleaning Equipment, Measuring Instrument, Etching Equipment, Clean-room Equipment, Ultra-pure Water Treatment Equipment. Oven/Heat
Touchscreen software: Touchscreen Query Software, Touchscreen Browser, Touchscreen Ordering Software, Touchscreen Multimedia Software, Peripherals and Attendance and Queuing System, IC Chip Controller, RF Card Reader.
Query Touchscreen: Educational Touchscreen, CRT Machine, Multimedia Touchscreen, The Public Information Inquiry System, CRT Touchscreen Monitors.