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Practical Chinese
Practical Chinese

Popular Chinese Express--Leave it all to me
A: Buy the Vegetables,do the cooking and pick up the kid this evening!
B: Leave it all to me!

Popular Chinese Words: Xiaozi

Xiaozi (小资) became a popular word of urban fashion at the turn of the century. It may be translated pretty Bourgeoisie. It symbolizes a new change of Chinese social class and its advancement to a business society.

Xiaozi (小资) is a short form of xiao ziben zhuyi (小资本主义). Thirty years ago, ziben zhuyi(资本主义) is related to something evil and decadent, which is in opposition to the peasants, the major force of the social class. Its negative implication did not disappear until 1980s. Later, with the emergence of urban class, such as bailing (白领) white-collar professionals, xiaozi then got another meaning.

What’s the meaning of xiaozi? Just like the often-mentioned term zhongchan (中产, namely middle class ), it is quite ambiguous in China. Xiaozi may cover a similar group composed of

Food names
年糕 Nian-gao; rise cake; New Year
团圆饭 family reunion dinner
年夜饭 the dinner on New Year's Eve
饺子 Jiao-zi; Chinese meat ravioli
汤圆 Tang-yuan; dumplings made of sweet rice,
 rolled into balls and stuffed with either sweet or spicy fillings
八宝饭 eight treasures rice pudding
糖果盘 candy tray
什锦糖 assorted candies-sweet and fortune
蜜冬瓜 candied winter melon - growth and good health
西瓜子 red melon seed - joy, happiness, truth and sincerity
Pronunciation of Chinese character(Pinyin,International Phonetic Symbols,examp)
Chinese name of latin letters
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