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Home Travel in Hongkong Causeway Bay (铜锣湾)
Causeway Bay (铜锣湾)
Travel in Hongkong

Causeway BayIf you shop and entertain in Hong Kong, do not miss Causeway Bay (铜锣湾 tóng luó wān ) . Causeway Bay was a shoal more than a hundred years ago. After reclamation it was earth-based and gradually became a commercial area with an interconnecting road system. Now, it serves as a very popular center for shopping, dining and nightlife in Hong Kong.

If you are interested in shopping, the ultra-modernTimes Square (时代广场 shí dài guǎng chǎng ), the Japanese department stores and the fashion boutiques should not be missed. Times Square, a symbol of Causeway Bay, is the biggest emporium in this area and one of the top ten scenic sites in Hong Kong. Many well-known brands of clothing can be found here.

It is also the perfect place to hold large-scale activities. Every year on New Year's Eve (除夕夜 chú xī yè ), the New Year Countdown Ceremony (新年倒数仪式 xīn nián dào shǔ yí shì )is held here, and hundreds of thousands of locals participate. Lee Garden is another shop which is renowned for its luxury brand name clothing. It is also a place frequently visited by celebrities. The City Trade Centre(贸易中心 mào yì zhōng xīn ) is a favorite shopping venue for office workers.

Causeway BayAlthough Causeway Bay is famous mainly for stocking luxury brands, reasonably priced items can also be found here. The stalls in Jardine's Bazaar where fashionable costumes and accessories are sold at normal prices are also very popular.

You can fully enjoy Hong Kong style snacks and seafood in Causeway Bay. Most of the shops and restaurants here stay open until late when the area becomes a colorful world flashing with neon and crowded with people. It is a favorite activity to take a boat or sampan and sail around the harbor, enjoying the beautiful evening and the delicious food.

The famous Victoria Park (维多利亚公园 wéi duō lì yà gōng yuán ), located in the eastern part of Causeway Bay, is the biggest park in Hong Kong. It features a modern swimming pool, tennis courts, football field and other sports facilities. A statue of Queen Victoria  (维多利亚女王 wéi duō lì yà nǚ wáng ) is located near the entrance of the park. The largest-scale Lantern Festival  (元宵佳节 yuán xiāo jiā jié ) is held here every year and this park is also a perfect site to enjoy the moon during the Mid-autumn Festival (中秋佳节 zhōng qiū jiā jié ).

Leisure and cultural
Hong Kong Central Library ;Victoria Park

Time Square; Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club; Noonday Gun

Main roads
King's Road ,Causeway Road ,Gloucester Road ,Canal Road ,Hennessy Road ,Yee Wo Street Aberdeen tunnel

MTR--Island Line: Tin Hau and Causeway Bay stations
Bus--New World First Bus: 2X, 2A, 2, 8, 23, 25, 38, 42, 106, 112, 116, N122, N8
Citybus--5, 8X, 10, 11, 72, 92, 592, 103, 170, 619, 690, 962, N962
Minibus--Green minibus: 4A、4B、4C、5、10、11、14M、21A、21M、25、28、30、31、Click above picture to view the map36X、39M、40、56、69X, 9
Red minibus--Sai Wan - Causeway Bay, Causeway Bay - Shau Kei Wan, Temple Hill (Tsz Wan Shan) - Causeway Bay