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Aberdeen (香港仔)
Travel in Hongkong

Aberdeen bayAberdeen (香港仔 xiāng gǎng zǎi )  is an area at the south shore of the Hong Kong Island of Hong Kong. It is part of the Southern District. Aberdeen Harbour is a harbour between Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau. Aberdeen traditionally includes the town of Aberdeen, Wong Chuk Hang and Ap Lei Chau, but it sometimes referred to the town only.On one of the southern tips of Hong Kong Island, Aberdeen is the largest satellite town with a population of about sixty thousand. It was a pirates' den two centuries ago and later turned into a simple fishing village. In recent years, with local high-rise building developments, Aberdeen has modernized, and now it becomes a vibrant waterfront resort for people from metropolitan Hong Kong.

Despite modernization, traditional fishing life still prevails. Hundreds of junks and sampans, old-fashioned boats serve as floating homes for thousands of people. They crowd in the narrow harbor, dramatically juxtaposed against a modern high-rise building that spreads up the nearby hillsides. If you were lucky, warm-hearted fishers would invite you

Onto their dwellings, from where you can glimpse the life of the boat-people. If no invitation forthcoming, you can always take a sampan ride yourself. Butdo place caution and safety first. You should take rides only with licensed operators.

Aberdeen Besides experiencing the traditional life of boat-dwellers, you may also enjoy tasty seafood here. Two magnificent floating restaurants, namely "Jumbo Floating Restaurant" (珍宝海鲜舫 zhēn bǎo hǎi xiān fǎng )and the "Tai Bak Seafood Boat" (大朴海鲜船 dà piáo hǎi xiān chuán)are available. They are anchored in the Aberdeen Harbor, where guests can take a free ferryboat shuttle to reach them for a feast of delicious seafood.

Abeerbeen Harbor has been made famous by movies with the traditional rowing boat of Hong Kongers wearing the conical hats and living in on-the-water fishing village of boats.You will see the famous Jumbo Boat Restaurant made well known by a James Bond movie. This is a sanctuary for boats during the typhoons. The surrounded area is now so well-built, the slumps of the 60's on the hillslopes have all been replaced by sparkling modern high rises.It is a fun boating trip not to be missed if time permits.  

Aberdeen is served by Pok Fu Lam Road, and Aberdeen Tunnel and Nam Fung Road through Wong Chuk Hang. Nam Fung Road connects Deep Water Bay Road, which also connects Wong Nai Chung Gap Road to Happy Valley. A bridge links Aberdeen with Ap Lei Chau over the Aberdeen Harbour.The proposed MTR South Island Line (West Section) will have stations in this area.There are regular ferries to Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island.Transport to and from the boats in the harbour is usually provided by sampans. These can also be hired to Lamma.