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Language Exchange Stories --- I found a truly amazing friend here!
WorldFriends Networks

Language Exchange --- I found a truly amazing friend here !
insect1010, Tokyo Japan and Louis, honan China
I started to learn Chinese last year and was looking for Chinese friends in ForeignerCN friends & language partners. One day, a person from Honan, China replied me and told me that she is a very busy person so she can't write regularly. Later on, she sent me some documents and asked me how to express things in Japanese and I was surprised by the high level of Japanese she was using and made me wonder what she does for a living. After awhile, she informed me that she was accepted to a doctoral progam in Japanese University and I learned that she was a working obstetrician and gynecologist....and I finally understood why she is such a busy person. In March, she came to Japan. She did not want to trouble me to pick her up at the airport and asked me to wait at her hotel. As I worried, she got lost in the big city and did not show up. I tried to think of all the possibilities of where she might be and kept trying to find her for 5 hours and finally found her in Ochanomizu train station. Though I have not even seen her photo I was so sure it was her! She was carrying 5 large blanket bags on a small luggage cart, bumped up against the staircase. The first sight of her was like this....a small lady picking up large bags that kept falling off from the cart one by one ... This scene reminded me of myself when I first came up from the countryside long long time ago, and I arrived at Ueno train station with my large luggage containing rice, and my brother launghed at me. I was also a country boy then, so I could not laugh. From the next day, she started to study Japanese really hard and also started going to the research lab.. She did not take any days off even on weekends or public holidays. I believe she will definitely complete her Ph.D. I suggested her to remain in Japan after her studyies and work as a gynecologist in Japan. She asked me how to work in Japan and now it seems she is interested in doing so. She asked me many times how to thank me in return for my kindness. So, I told her she does not have to repay me, but she should help others instead of me when she sees they need help. It is my first time to meet such a wonderful friend and I am grateful to be able to help her.



语言学习伙伴 --- 我在这里找到了如此令人吃惊的朋友!
insect1010, (東京) and Louis, (中国 河南省)

我去年开始学习中文,并一直在ForeignerCN friends & language partners上寻找一个中国朋友。一天,一个来自中国河南的会员回复了我并告诉我,她很忙,所以她不能定期的给我发消息。后来,她发送给我一些文件并询问我如何用日语来表达。我是如此的惊奇,这些文件所使用的日语是如此的难,这让我很好奇她的职业是什么?后来,她告诉我,她得到了日本大学的博士入学许可,她现在是一名妇产科医生......我终于明白为什么她是如此忙碌的一个人了。3月,她来到了日本。她不希望打扰我,因此没让我去机场接她,而是让我在她下榻的宾馆等待。就像我担心的,她在这个大城市里迷路了,没有出现。我想尽了所有她可能去的地方,在5个小时的寻找后,我终于在Ochanomizu地铁站找到了她。虽然我没有看到过她的照片,但是我如此肯定,这就是她!她推着一辆小小的行李车,车上放着5个大包,努力的在爬楼梯。这就是我对她的第一印象......一个小小的女人,不停的在捡起从手推车下掉下的巨大的包......这个场景让我想起了很久很久以前,我从乡下第一次来到这个城市的时候,我带着装着大米的巨大行李箱,到达上野火车站,被我哥哥笑话了半天。我也是一个来自郊区的男孩,所以我不能笑。第二天,她开始努力的学习日语并开始去实验室...她即使是在周末或者公共假期也不休息。我相信她一定能够完成她的博士学位。我建议她在完成学业后留在日本,做一名妇科医生。她问我如何在日本工作,看来她还是很有兴趣的。她问了我很多次,如何报答我的帮助,我告诉她,不用回报我,她应该帮助更多别的人,当他们需要她的帮助时。这是我第一次遇到如此令人奇妙的朋友。我很高兴我能够帮助她。


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