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Home Living in China WorldFriends Networks International Friendship Stories --- I met a wonderful girl.. Anna
International Friendship Stories --- I met a wonderful girl.. Anna
WorldFriends Networks

International Friends --- I met a wonderful girl.. Anna
kev1888s, Scotland / Anna110783, Poland

WorldFriends Networksi had one of the most enjoyable memories of my life after using your World Friends website..i met a wonderfull girl.. anna ..and we talked for about 6 months ..she is one of the nicest, friendliest lassies i ever talked to ..and she invited me to visit with her and her family in konin poland.. having never met anyone from the internet ..never mind another country ..i was a little apprehensive...but i decided to take the plunge..i trusted her and she trusted me ...and i thought its better to regret something i did ..rather than something i didnt ..i travelled to krakow ..then onto konin ..met with her..and she was different than she was when i talked to her on here..
WorldFriends Networksshe was even better than i imagined !! i went with her met her family ..who treated me like one of there own .. her brother jarek was one of the nicest guys i ever met also .they were just so friendly with me .. they made me feel comfortable in every way ..and they showed me a vast amount of different things..things i would have never thought of going to see .. and basically made my visit there the best vacation i ever had... i actually felt terrible after i left !!
WorldFriends Networksi speak with anna ..who lives in london now very frequently..and we are both in relationships ...i can only hope when she finds the time to come visit with me ..that i can make her journey here half as enjoyable as mines was there...i now count anna as one of my best friends..and i know she counts me the same way ..and all i can say is it was one of my better decisions to join World Friends. thank you for letting me get to know one of the nicest families i have ever met..


国际交友 --- 我遇见了她......Anna
kev1888s, Scotland / Anna110783, Poland

在我加入World Friends网站后,我拥有了我生命中最快乐的回忆之一。我遇到了她......Anna。我们在一起交流了6个月。她是一个美丽,善良的女孩,她邀请我去波兰拜访她和她的家人,我从来没有和网络上的朋友见面,更不用说是去另一个国家。我有一点点迟疑,但是最终我决定去见她。我信任她她也信任我。我想,事后后悔总比什么都不做好。我先去了克拉科夫,然后去了Konin见她。当我和她面对面交谈时,她和在网上时完全不同,
Anna现在住在伦敦,我们经常聊天,一直保持着联系,我希望她有空的时候,能够来拜访我,这样我就能够带给她一个愉快地旅行。现在,Anna是我最好的朋友之一,我知道,她也是这样看待我的。我想说,加入World Friends是我作出的最明智的决定之一,谢谢你们让我认识了这样美好的朋友和家庭。



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