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Baicheng City
Travel in Jilin

Baicheng City

Baicheng (bái chéng 白城) City, with the advantaged geographic location, convenient transportation and telecommunication and abundant natural resources, enjoys a long-standing history. Located in the juncture of three provinces of Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia, it is the only way to enter into Shanhaiguan (sān hǎi guān 三海关) from the southwest of Heilongjiang and northeast of Inner Mongolia. Not only a historical regional commercial distributing, economic and communication center, it is also one of main hub city of the forth Eurasia Land bridge designed by United Nations Development Programmed (UNDP). The railway is open to big cities such as Beijing, Changchun, Jilin, Shenyang, and Dalian.
Located in the northwest of Jilin Province, Baicheng City neighbors Songyuan (sōng yuán 松Baishan City源) City in the southeast, bordered by Inner Mongolia in the southwest and northwest and by Heilongjiang Province in the northeast. Baicheng City, a unique plain city, is valued for its natural scenery, which makes it a rising tourism city. Xianghai (xiàng hǎi 向海) Natural Preserve, the National A-level Wetland, is the hometown of famous red-crowned cranes. There are also Momoge (mò mò gé 莫莫格) National Natural Preserve. Bees are flying and butterflies are dancing in Jiangjiadian (jiāng jiā diàn 姜家甸) grassland. In Chaganhaote (chá gàn hào tè 查干浩特) Tourism Development Zone, nine islands surrounded by water are of unique Mongolian style. In the forest park and canal-model park, you will feel relaxed and joyful with so many beautiful things that are more than the eye can take in. So it attracts large numbers of tourists every year.
In the latter years of the Neolithic Age, there were humans living in the region. Before it was held under the administration of supervision offices of the Tang (tang 唐) Dynasty (618-907), Baicheng was inhabited by several nomad tribes in northeastern China, including Donghu (dōng hú 东胡), Fuyu (fū yú 夫余), Xianbei (xiān bēi 鲜卑), and Qidan (qì dān 契丹). The area around present day Baicheng was long a hunting ground, and no farming was allowed until 1902, but now agriculture and agriculture industry plays a major role. Baicheng was established in 1908 and was named Baicheng in 1938.
 Ancient Buildings in the Baishan City
Geography and Climate
The terrain of the city is higher in the northwest and lower in the northeast. The eastern part of the Great Xing'an (dà xìng ān lǐng 大兴安岭) Mountain lies in the northwest of Baicheng, whilst vast grassland makes up the northeast, central and south of the city. Baicheng is abundant in water resources, teeming with reeds and fishes. Grass land and wet lands are prominent throughout the city. Baicheng enjoys a temperate continental monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 4.9 (40.8). There is seldom rain or snowfall in autumn and spring, and it may hail during May to September. 
Xianghai National Nature Reserve (xiàng hǎi guó jiā zì rán bǎo hù qū 向海国家自然保护区)
Xianghai National Nature ReserveXianghai National Nature Reserve is now a national forest and wild animal nature reserve, it is an A-class wetland in the world, and a reservation to which the United Nations attaches great importance. It is a paradise of birds. The nature reserve extends 100,000 hectares on the edge of the Songliao (sōng liáo 松辽) Plain and in Tongyu (tōng yú 通榆) County in eastern Horqin (kē ěr qìn 科尔沁) Grassland Tongyu County, and 39 percent of its area is covered with marshland, water, reeds, or a second growth of the virgin forests. The Nature Reserve is the natural habitat for 293 kinds of precious birds, including six breeds of cranes. The idyllic prairie and the local Mongol folklore combine to make this bird watching place a very fascinating place.
Location: in the northwest of Tongyu County
Transportation: take bus to Tongyu County at Baicheng Bus Station
Tel: 0436-4588392
Admission Fee: CNY 70
Momogo National Natural Preserve (mò mò gé guó jiā jí zì rán bǎo hù qū 莫莫格国家级自然保护区)
Momogo National Natural PreserveMomoge National Natural Preserve, with dotted forth swamps, uninhabited island, surging river, boundless grassland, inexhaustible bait resources, and favorable temperature and humidity, covers an total area of 1440 square kilometers, which brings the caw of ducks, singing of wild geese and dancing of cranes. The preserve becomes a breeding place for birds and a transfer station of moving for water animals in the middle and west parts of Northeast China. In 1981, it was authorized to be Provincial Natural Preserve by the People’s Government of Jilin Province. In 1997, it was approved as National Natural Preserve by the State Council. In spring and autumn, hundreds of birds will gather here. It is the golden time for bird expert and tourists.
Location: in the east of Zhenlai County (zhèn lài xiàn 镇赉县)
Transportation: take bus to Zhenlai County at Baicheng Bus Station
Tel: 0436-7811545
Admission Fee: CNY 30
Nengjiang River Tourist Holiday Village (nèn jiāng lǚ yóu dù jiǎ cūn 嫩江旅游度假村)
Nengjiang River Tourist Holiday VillageIt is beautiful and charming with four clearly-defined seasons. The sailing boats are lightly flying over the green river, and the splendid yachts are sailing to a distant place with long and loud ringing. On the bank, there is the far-flung grassland, with miles and miles of green grasses hundreds of happily singing birds. On the right bank of Nenjiang River, there is a 10kms long bathing beach, which is provided visitors with all kinds of services and facilities. They can enjoy swimming, boating, photo-taking and entertaining here. While watching hundreds kinds of fish specimens that treasured on the featured middle floors of the building, visitors can have an overview of its history and a more deep understanding of why Da’an (dà ān 大安) area is called as the land of plenty.
Location: Da'an City
Transportation: take bus to Da'an City at Baicheng Bus Station
Admission Fee: Free
Tips: The entertainment facilities inside the Holiday Village need different tickets.
Wujianfang Water Isles Paradise (wǔ jiān fáng shuǐ dǎo gōng yuán 五间房水岛公园)
Wujianfang Water Isles ParadiseIn the Water Isles Paradise, you can see Cathay poplar stretching to the sky, willows weeping to the ground, and the pleasingly asymmetrical cottages. There are playground and sports facilities such as volleyball ground, tennis ground, horizontal bars, parallel bars, billiards table, rope ladder, and swing etc. Leisure facilities such as hammocks, stone tables and stools are also available at many places. There are snack shops, barbeque shops, cold drinks bars, electronic games bars, KTV and telephone stops etc. to service for visitors. The twinkling dancing hall on the island has a capacity for a hundred people, and tourists can enjoy songs and dances there. The featured fish dishes will satisfy visitors' tastes. There are also many tourist programs such as fishing, swimming, boating, and some folk activities of Mongolian ethnic group etc.
Location: Sheli County (shě lì zhèn 舍力镇), Da'an City
Transportation: take bus to Da’an City at Baicheng Bus Station
Tel: 0436-5740101
Admission Fee: CNY 20
Xinglongsan Yellow Elm Scenic Spot (xìng lóng shān huáng yú jǐng qū 兴隆山黄榆景区)
Xinglongsan Yellow Elm Scenic SpotStanding at the Elm Seeing Pavilion, you will have all the scenery of Mongolia yellow elms in your eyes. Some trees look like pillars winded with vines, some look like dragons swimming across river, some look like an emperor waving his whip, while others look like the eight immortals crossing the sea (a Chinese fairy story that means each one showing his or her special feats). In the cold winter, even the whizzing north wind and the revolving yellow sand will docilely slow down their steps when confronting with the forest. In the bright spring, when other species of trees just resuscitate, the Mongolia yellow elms is already growing with luxuriant green leaves, which attract various kinds of birds to perch in it. In the hot summer, the elm trees are always trying to stretch their long arms to provide a shadow for guests from all sides. Even on the most dry and hot days, you will feel cool without wind and moist without rain in the forest. It is so refreshing that you will feel you are in a fairy land.
Location: Xinglongshan (xìng lóng shān 兴隆山) Town, Tongyu (tōng yú 通榆) County
Transportation: take bus to Tongyu County at Baicheng Bus Station
Admission Fee: CNY 30
Local Food
Raw Fish Dish
Raw Fish DishTo make a raw fish dish, the cook will first choose a fresh and lively grass carp or big carp, remove its skin and bone, then soak it into concentrated vinegar, and complemented with shredded cucumber, jellyfish strips, sesame oil, salt etc. It is a popular dish to go with liquor.
Sautéed Vermicelli with Prickled Cabbage
Prickled cabbage is a kind of special dish of north China, which is made of cabbage that soaked Vermicelliin salty water. It tastes crisp and sour, and can be used to make people refresh after eat oily food. Sautéed vermicelli with prickled cabbage is a famous vegetarian dish of north China. First, soften the vermicelli by soaking it in hot water, then sautéed it with shredded prickled cabbage, this dish is ok. With moderate sour and salty, it tastes quite refreshing.
By Air
Baicheng Chang'an (zhǎng ān 长安)Airport locates in the city proper. Baicheng City General Airlines Co Ltd.
By Train
The total railway mileage has reached 463 kilometers, and four lines. The railway is open directly to Dalian and Tianjin ports, and to large and middle cities like Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian, Huhehot, Qiqihar, Daqing (dà qìng 大庆) and Changchun.
By Long-Distance Bus
There are regular buses from Baicheng City to Liaoning Province and main cities of Northeast China.
Baicheng City