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Travel in Liaoning


Huludao (hú lú dǎo 葫芦岛), also called Jinxi (jǐn xī 锦西) in the past, is a very important city between Beijing and Shenyang. Huludao shapes as a gourd, in Chinese we call it Hulu, and so it gets the name Huludao. It neighbors Pohai in the south, Chaoyang (cháo yáng 朝阳) in the north, Jinzhou (jǐn zhōu 锦州) in the east and Shanhaikwan in the west which give the name of the first city outside the pass. Excellent beach and sand make it enjoyable to come here in summer. Except the beautiful landscape, it has a lot of relics of different ages. People here are enthusiastic and kind, you will have a great time visiting here.

Zhimao Wan

Zhimao WanZhimao Wan (zhǐ máo wān 芷锚湾), “a bay for docking”, located in a small town in Suizhong County (suí zhōng xiàn 绥中县) Liaoning Province, is famed as the best beach in Liaoning with the shallow clear water and soft sand. It is highly suggested that you stay overnight here to watch the stunning sunrises and sunsets, as well as soothing sound of the waves at night.
Zhimao Wan is a small dock that shares the same sea with Beidai River (běi dài hé 北戴河). But unlike nearby Beidai River, Zhimao Wan is not overrun with tourists. Walking along the beach, visitors can enjoy comparatively tranquil seashore. Fishing lovers will find it is a good spot to catch fish and crabs, and if you want to fish from the sea and not the dock, boats are available for rent.
Location: Wanjia Town (wàn jiā zhèn 万家镇), Suizhong County, Huludao, Liaoning Province
Transportation: Take a train and get off at Shanhaikwan, there is travel bus to get Zhimao Wan.
Tel: 86-0429-6489022
Opening hours: 24hours
Admission fee: Free
• If you drive yourself, bring enough water and food. Aside from the fresh seafood, eat what you bring with you.
• There are quite a few military bases on the seashore, and you may want to leave them alone.
• Though most of the beach is sand, there are reefs and rocks submerged in the sea, so be careful when you enter, and wear sandals.
• Remember to negotiate prices for lodging or catering ahead of time.
• You may want to cook food yourself, and it’s OK if you negotiate with the host. 

Juhudao (Chrysanthemum Island)

JuhuadaoJuhuadao (jú huā dǎo 菊花岛), also called Juehuadao, is the largest island in Liaodong Bay (liáo dōng wān 辽东湾). It had a lot of names before till 1922, it changed into Juhuadao for there were so many chrysanthemums in the island. Juhuadao, the ancient city and hot spring are the three most precious things in Xingcheng.
Located in 10 km southeast away from Xingcheng and 9 km from Haibin bathing spot, Juhuadao, whose area has been famed as Marco in the north, covers 13.5 square kilometers, and it’s coastline is 27 km. There are two scenic spots, Dalonggong Temple (dà lóng gōng sì 大龙宫寺) Scenic Spot and Guaishitan (guài shí tān 怪石滩) Scenic Spot, including a lot of attractions such as Haiyun Temple (hǎi yún sì 海云寺), Shifo Temple (shí fó sì 石佛寺) and so on. In the south of the island, there are granites with various shapes. Natural rockeries are all over the beach. Although they are natural, they look like to be carved by skillful craftsmen exquisitely.
Location: 10 km southeast from Xingcheng (xīng chéng 兴城) Huludao.
Transportation: You can take a taxi from downtown Xingcheng (CNY 15).
Tel: 86-0429-5621003
Opening hours: 8:00 to 18:00
Admission fee: CNY 40 for adults, CNY 20 for children. Or CNY 130 for a through ticket, including all attractions and travel boats fee.


Hulu Villa

Hulu VillaHulu Villa (hú hu shān zhuāng 葫芦山庄) is located at the foot of Mt. Tianjiao (tiān jiǎo 天角) besides Pohai. Now five scenic spots are open to the public, including Shengshui Lake (shèng shuǐ hú 圣水湖), entertainment area, recreation area, fishing area and planting & picking area.
Inside the villa builds Liaoxi Folk-Custom Museum, Gourd Exhibition and Huludao History Exhibition. There are five sections in the spot, Interesting Melon Yard is one of them, which exhibit several weird melons, such as UFO melon,hand of Buddha melon, mini stingless melon and so on. The gourd yard collects ten more kinds of gourds with different shapes and sizes, and the vegetation yard has many rare vegetables. The whole villa is a big garden.
Location: Huludao Economic Development Zone
Transportation: Take bus No.6 opposite Laoqu Lianshanqu (lǎo qū lián shān qū 老区连山区) Library, it leaves on the hour from 7am to 5pm.
Tel: 86-0429-2077655
Opening hours: 8:00 to 17:00
Admission fee: CNY 60 for adults, CNY 30 for children


Suizhong Sanshan Tiaoshi Gou (Tiaoshi Valley)

Tiaoshi GouSanshan Mountain (sān shān 三山), aka Mt. Dongqi (dōng qí 东岐) or Mt. Sanzhou (sān zhōu 三洲), is a famous mountain in west Liaoning. It is located in Suizhong County and is the end of Yanshan Mountain (yān shān 燕山) range. As a combination of nature and human culture, Mt. Sanshan has views of mountains, rivers, caves and temples. The main peak where stands Liumi Tower (liù mí tǎ 六宓塔) is 710 meters above the sea level. Tiaoshi Gou (tiào shí gōu 跳石沟) is at the foot of the mountain, trees and rocks are everywhere, different season has different views.
Yuxiaojie Palace (yú xiǎo jiě gōng 鱼小姐宫) (Miss. Fish Palace) is a wonderful place. Huge stones and mirror-like pool and lovely fish will make you calm and peaceful. In the north of Yuxiaojie Palace situates a pool of 550 meters above the sea level, in which lives a kind of weird fish with no scales but fluff, it also has two rows of feet and is considered as the most strange creature in Tiaoshi Gou.
Location: Fanjia Xiang (fàn jiā xiāng 范家乡), Suizhong, Huhudao.
Transportation: Take train 1172/1173/1138/1139/1712/1713/1467/1301 and get off at Huludao.
Tel: 86-0429-8956028
Opening hours: 24hours
Admission fee: CNY 10 for adults, CNY 5 for children


Longtan Daxiagu (Dragon Pool Valley)

Longtan DaxiaguThis is the only valley in east of China, most of it is in Laodazhangzi Xiang (lǎo dà zhàng zi xiāng 老大杖子乡) in Huludao. It is said that there were two dragons lived deep in the valley, once it was drought, local people would pray for rains here. The dragons were very kind so they gave rains to people every time. To appreciate the dragons, people named it Longtan (lóng tán 龙潭), means dragon’s pool. This valley is 545 km long and 648 meters deep and total area reaches 5000 hm. There are many attractions here such as the dragon’s pool, Longtan Waterfall, Golden Gourd Waterfall, Bat Cave and so on. The more magnificent view is the ice waterfall in winter. Covered by snow, Longtan Valley is completely white with various ice waterfalls, it makes you have to admire the art of the nature.
Location: Laodazhangzi Xiang, Jianchang County (jiàn chāng xiàn 建昌县), Huludao.
Transportation: Take coach to Jianchang, then to Laodazhangzi Xiang, then call a taxi.
Tel: 86-0429-7601123
Opening hours: 7:00 to 17:00
Admission fee: CNY 40 for adults, CNY 20 for children. 


Among all three provinces in east China, Liaoning is the only one that besides the sea, so seafood is something you mustn’t miss when traveling around Huludao.
The 4 Most Famous Seafood in Huludao
: 15 cm long and 50 g more or less. Prawns have high food value, the most common way to cook prawns in Huludao is boiling with salt water or braising with leek.
Sea crab: There are kinds of crabs in Huludao, and they can be cooked many ways. For example, to do crab paste or dried crabs, to cook with tofu, and mostly people just boil it. To eat crabs while drinking is really an enjoyable thing in Huludao.
Clam: the shell is long and brown, it looks like a pen when closing. The clam can be cooked with tofu or be stuffed in Jiaozi and it tastes fresh and delicious.
Jellyfish: Every July and August, jellyfish gets together in the offing, and they grow quite fast. Jellyfish skin with sauce and vegetables is crispy and rich in nutrition and it will whet your appetite.
There are lots of restaurants in Huludao, which is much less expensive than big cities. Seafood will only cost you CNY 20 to 30, and if you are good in cutting the prices, you will commonly get 20% off.