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Mt. Sanqingshan, Wonderful National Park
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Mount Sanqingshan (sān qīng shān 三清山) is a renowned Taoist Mountain located in northeast part of Shangrao City (shàng ráo shì 上饶市), Jiangxi Province (jiāng xī shěng 江西省) with outstanding scenery. It has high geographic, aesthetics and culture value, combining fantastic natural scenery, especially the forest of granite hills scenery, and Taoism culture with thousand years of history. The World Heritage Committee spoke highly of heritage value of Mount Sanqingshan. The meeting held that: Sanqingshan National Park of China shows the unique and lifelike granite pillars and peaks in a relatively small area.   Show map

Sanqingshan Summary
"Sanqing" literally means "three distincts" in Mandarin as the Mount Sanqingshan, is made up of three main summits: the "Yujing Peak (yù jīng fēng 玉京峰)", "Yuxu Peak (yù xū fēng 玉虚峰)" and "Yuhua Peak (yù huá fēng 玉华峰)". The three steep peaks, looking as the "Three Taoist Gods", explains why it was named "Sanqing". The total area of this scenic spot is 756.60 square kilometers, and amongst the three hills, its highest peak "Yujing Peak" is with an altitude of 1819.9 meters. It is full of fairness and charm that it has enjoyed a reputation as "Best Spirit Mountain in the world". Unique geologic structure and suitable geographic environment makes Mount Sanqingshan famous with its granite hill forest physiognomy. And it is a natural museum for the evolvement process of granite hill forest which is composed of with ridges and peak, apex wall, apex woods, apex pillar and stone sprout, etc. The various shapes of hills also have high aesthetic and tourism development value.

Sanqingshan Scenic Spots
1. Nanqing Garden (nán qīng yuán 南清园) Scenic Spot
2. Wanshou Garden (wàn shòu yuán 万寿园) Scenic Spot
3. Sunshine Coast (yáng guāng hǎi àn 阳光海岸) Scenic Spot
4. Yulingguan (yù líng guān 玉灵观) Scenic Spot
5. Western Coast (xī hǎi àn 西海岸) Scenic Spot
6. Yujing Peak Scenic Spot
7. Xihuatai (xī huá tái 西华台) Scenic Spot
8. Sanqing Holy Land (sān qīng gōng 三清宫) Scenic Spot
9. Shiguling (shí gǔ lǐng 石鼓岭) Scenic Spot
10. Sandongkou (sān dòng kǒu 三洞口) Scenic Spot
Nanqing Garden Scenic Spot is located in the center of Mount Sanqingshan. It is the one with most spectacular natural scenery, measuring 1577 meters in altitude. Several symbolic landscapes of Sanqingshan are all in this area, there are wonderful sceneries such as picturesque peaks and rocks, vigorous mountains, magnificent sea of clouds, and rare flowers and trees and etc. During May and June of every year-when the flowers blossoms, the fragrant mountain would be quite impressive.

west coastWest Coast Scenic Spot is located in the west of Mount Sanqingshan. West Coast has four wonders: high-altitude plank road, sea of clouds, the grand canyon, famous ancient trees group. Walking at a high-altitude plank road with an altitude of more than 1660 meters, one side is a cliff and the virgin forest, the other side is a deep canyon, far away is the rolling hills, and this experience can not be missed.

Wanshou Garden Scenic Spot is located at the southern foot of Mount Sanqingshan. It features the culture of auspiciousness and longevity. The whole scenic spot looks like a natural bonsai. Each sight reveals healthcare way in accordance with the cultural theme of longevity. The tourist routes of Wanshou Garden is from the low to high, the level is gradually expands that the tourists can understand some meanings of health, and longevity while they are viewing the wonderful sceneries.

Yujing Peak Scenic Spot is the superb location for viewing sunrise and sunset. The three peaks of Yujing, Yuxu, Yuhua stands steep upright at the Yujing Peak Scenic Spot. So it is called "The endless boundry of the sky, the highest peak", it is a pity if you can not view the top of the mountain. Only standing on the top of Yujing Peak, can you overlook the mountains and valleys under below, which will will completely show the magnificent display of Mt.Sanqingshan.

sunshine coastSunshine Coast Scenic Spot is located in the east of Mount Sanqingshan, hence also called "East Coast". It is a newly-developed suspended plank road along the cliff with an overall length of 3600 meters and an average altitude of 1600 meters. In Sunshine Coast, with its broad horizons, you can overlook the human fireworks, and enjoy the exotic wonders of the sky. Apart from walking on top of the Sunshine Coast, you can experience several great wonders such as: thrills of the rope bridge, transparent glass viewing platform and deep canyons. 

Sanqing Holy Land Scenic Spot is located in the north of Mount Sanqingshan. The Scenic Spot enjoys a history of over 1600 years, possessing 230-odd sites of ancient architecture and cultural relics including Taoist temple, hall, mansion, lane, spring, pool, bridge, tomb, terrace, pagoda, etc. Built according to the elaborate layout of "Prenatal Eight Diagrams", the ancient architecture and cultural relics are ideal for studying the design and layout of ancient Taoist buildings in China.

Xihuatai Scenic Spot is located at the northern foot of Mount Sanqingshan. It is an ancient stone stair path to the top of the mountain since the Song (sòng dài 宋代) and Ming Dynasty (míng dài 明代). The Spot features idyllic scenery and sequestered ancient path, and is reputed as "Green Kingdom" and "Cool World" and "Flowers Garden".

sanqing shan

Sanqingshan Top 10 Sights

Oriental Goddess

"Oriental Goddess (sī chūn nǚ shén 司春女神)", a granite peak located in the northeast of the Nanqing Garden Scenic Spot 1180 meters above the sea level, is the landmark sight of Mount Sanqingshan, 86 meters in overall height. The whole peak looks like the silhouette of a maid with shoulder-length hair. For millions of years, "Oriental Goddess" sits gracefully among the mountains, gazing silently at the bustling world with a serene expression. Legend has it that the Goddess is the 23rd daughter of Queen Mother of the West (xī wáng mǔ 西王母), named Yaoji (yáo jī 瑶姬). She is regarded as the incarnation of spring, hence the name "Oriental Goddess".

The Python Coming out of the Mountain

"The Python Coming out of the Mountain (jù mǎng chū shān 巨蟒出山)" is located at the north of the Nanqing Garden Scenic Spot 1200 meters above the sea level with a relative altitude of 128 meters. The colossal granite pillar formed under the effect of weathering and disintegration of gravity has several traverse cracks, yet it stands towering all through billions of years. The pillar is flat on the top, and slightly slimmer in the neck, with the slimmest part of about seven meters in diameter. The granite rises unexpectedly, like a huge python breaking out of the mountain, about to soar up into the sky.

Yunv Kaihuai

The Sight of "Yunv Kaihuai (yù nǚ kāi huái 玉女开怀)" is located in Nanqing Garden. It is the symbol of supreme purity and beauty of Mount Sanqingshan. The hard granite peak takes on a full and soft shape, which is rare in the whole world. From the Sight we can spot the uncanny craftsmanship of the nature.

Monkey King Presenting the Treasure

"Monkey King Presenting the Treasure (hóu wáng xiàn bǎo 猴王献宝)" is located in the northwest of the West Coast Scenic Spot. The "Monkey King", about seven meters high, is sitting stately at the cliff, his eyes seeming to gaze at something and the hands holding the treasure.

The Old Taoist Worshipping the Moon

"The Old Taoist Worshipping the Moon (lǎo dào bài yuè 老道拜月)" is located in the Wanshouyuan Scenic Spot. The peak looks like an elder Taoist standing solemnly looking across the sky, apprehending the Taoist doctrine and seeking the truth. Each time when the moon rises from the sky, the Taoist worships it piously in the distance. Seeing the sight, the mood of the tourists would be pacified.

Goddess of Mercy Listening to the Music

"Goddess of Mercy Listening to the Music (guān yīn shǎng qǔ 观音赏曲)" is located among the peaks of the South Heavenly Gate. It consists of two peaks, one Goddess of Mercy (guān yīn 观音) and the other the image of Ge Hong (gě hóng 葛洪). It is said that a Taoist in the Jin Dynasty (jìn dài 晋代) named Ge Hong sympathized with the sufferings of the people and confided his feelings to the heaven with his lute. The Celestial Kingdom (tiān tíng 天庭) was moved by his music so that the Goddess of Mercy descended on the secular world to listen to the music, thus the image has been left in Mount Sanqingshan National Park. The image of the Goddess of Mercy here is also one of the three images of Goddess of Mercy in Mount Sanqingshan.

Ge Hong Presenting the Elixir Pill

"Ge Hong Presenting the Elixir Pill (gě hóng xiàn dān 葛洪献丹)" is located in Nanqing Garden Scenic Spot. Ge Hong has been regarded as the pioneer of Mount Sanqingshan and is greatly respected there. From 357 A.D. to 361 A.D., Ge Hong came to the Mountain. He built a cottage and practiced Taoism here. The form of the peak resembles a Taoist holding a bottle gourd in hand, hence people named it "Ge Hong Presenting the Elixir Pill" as a way of commemoration to the pioneer of the mountain.

The Holy Dragon Playing with the Pine

"The Holy Dragon Playing with the Pine (shén lóng xì sōng 神龙戏松)" is located under the "Line Sky" of the Nanqing Garden Scenic Spot. A long snake is closely clinging to the cliff of the mountain, its eyes staring at the pine tree on the top of the mountain. It seems to play games with the pine tree, or plot some conspiracy. A folk legend says that the snake has been hibernating here, looking for a chance to sneak into the Southern Heavenly Gate (nán tiān mén 南天门). Yet it is discovered by the Kunpeng (kūn péng 鲲鹏) who is guarding the Gate, hence having no chance to get in.

Three Dragons Rising from the Sea

"Three Dragons Rising from the Sea (sān lóng chū hǎi 三龙出海)" is located in the Nanqing Garden Scenic Spot. It is best viewed from the Yuhuangding Peak (yǔ huáng dǐng 禹皇顶). Three peaks of grotesque shapes rise from the valley like three giant dragons soaring up among the valleys, presenting the vigor of breaking out of the sky.

Sea Lion Devouring the Moon

"Sea Lion Devouring the Moon (hǎi shī tūn yuè 海狮吞月)", or Pulao Mingtian (pú láo míng tiān 蒲牢鸣天) is located in the Wanshouyuan Scenic Spot. Pulao is one of the legendary nine sons of the dragon, fond of singing, and is an auspicious beast. Vivid and lifelike, the peak contains auspicious meanings when combined with the theme of longevity of the Wanshou Garden. 

About Travel

You can get to Shaorao city of Jiangxi Province first, and then get to the mountain by bus. The distance is 78 kilometers and it takes you more than two hours. Or you can get off the train at Yushan (yù shān 玉山) Stop. There are minibuses to Mount Sanqingshan from 6:00am to 4:00pm. It takes you o­ne hour.
Slack season: CNY 130 (1st March - 30th September)
Busy season: CNY 150 (1st December - 28th February)
1. There are many in
sects in the mountain.
2. Difference in temperature is large, please take clothes with long sleeve.
3. They are building hotels and roads, please avoid the construction area.
4. The road for climbing is narrow, please take care.

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