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Home Living in China Foreigners in China Foreigners in China 学习汉语的小插曲 Story Which Another Person Cannot Help Smiling
学习汉语的小插曲 Story Which Another Person Cannot Help Smiling
Foreigners in China


The four tone in Chinese, may be westerners' natural enemy. British foreign student to reach Beijing step on nearly restaurant open one's mouth, speak steamed stuffed bun newspaper right away for the first time, it is explained that the stewardess is still very patient: "Sell the newspaper opposite to the road, the daily, evening paper one should be feared completely." Want to eat dumplings, it's a pity what said unthinkingly is "Sedan chair". Listen to if waiter fall cloud and mist.What made the waitress baffled and even angry is particularly, he demands to braise the buttocks in soy sauce, claim this is his favorite Chinese cuisine. See a waitress is unhappy and even getting angry, foreign students show her the menu in a hurry. The waitress just understands what he wanted to eat is the spareribs with brown sauce in this.


One British diplomat to reach Beijing for the first time, sharpen one's spear only before going into battle, ask for advice odd of Chinese, practise. In the middle when square officers tell him to prepare a potluck for him courteously, this British diplomat looks at startled dish of all kinds of delicacies of all over desk: "If this is a potluck, it is really `a meal stool meal'. "


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