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Home Travel in Sichuan Daying Dead Sea
Daying Dead Sea

   Daying Dead Sea
Daying Dead Sea
(dà yīng sǐ hǎi 大英死海) is situated in Suining City (suí níng shì 遂宁市) of Sichuan Province (sì chuān shěng 四川省). It is of the same latitude as the Dead Sea in Middle East. The water in Daying Dead Sea is from ehte underground salt lake which formed 150 million years ago.

Daying Dead SeaStep into the entrance of Daying Dead Sea, you can see the gardening landscape with the unique Middle East style and rich in tropical flavor. Tourists are wandering in beachwear. Some of them are floating in the Dead Sea, reading or playing with their friends. All of those will make you feel that you are in South China or on the beach of Southeast Asia.

Floating in the Dead Sea, looking at the cloud streching far away, and listen to the voice of breeze., you will be totally relaxed. The water in the sea is containning more than 40 chemical elements and mineral substances, which are benefit for health. Because the salt content is more than 20%, people can float on the sea. It is said that, floating on the sea for one hour is equal to 8 hours’ sleep.

Daying Dead SeaBesides the magic floating, there are many other special services, such as the Black Mud Bathing (hēi ní yù 黑泥浴) and Salt SPA (yán liáo 盐疗). Also, you can surf on the sea, or just taking a walk in the garden, all of them will make you relaxed.

Daying Dead Sea
Location: Daying County (dà yīng xiàn 大英县), Suining City
Admission fee: CNY 180
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Transportation: you can hire a car in Suining to take you to Daying