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Home Travel in Shandong Let's Enjoy the Mountains(Mt.Tai)
Let's Enjoy the Mountains(Mt.Tai)
Travel in Shandong

China's spectacular mountain landscapes attract the professional climber and wide-eyed adventurer alike. Serious climbers are drawn to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to scale the challenging summit of Mt. Everest -known as Mt. Qomolongma in China- the tallest peak in the world. And others naturally gravitate to China's Five Sacred Mountain Peaks, which Han Emperor Wu Di declared sacred in the 2nd century BC.
Given the weather, May is one of the best seasons for climbing up the mountains. So do not hesitate, follow us and let’s enjoy the mountain.


General introduction of Mount.Tai (泰山)
As the leader of the 'Five Sacred Mountains', Mt.Tai is located in the east of North China Plain and the middle of Shandong province, and its main peak, Jade Emperor Summit, is about 1532.7 meters (5,029 feet) high.
In ancient times, the first thing for an emperor to do on ascending to the throne was to climb Mt. Tai and Heaven (on the summit) and Earth (at the foot of the mountain) or their ancestors. It was said that 72 emperors of different dynasties made pilgrimages to this mountain. These special ceremonies and sacrifices earned the mountain widespread fame. In addition, many poets and literary scholars also visited the mountain to gain inspiration. The grandiose temples, the numerous stone inscriptions and stone tablets are the best testaments to these visits. Mt. Tai also played an important role in the development of Buddhism and Taoism. So in Dec.1987, it was included as "World Cultural and Natural Heritage" by UNESCO.
Besides historic relics, Mount .Tai boasts unique natural scenery too. The lofty peaks, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls, enchanting rocks and the centuries-old pines and cypresses will undoubtedly encourage you linger with no thought of leaving. The four wonders of the mountain are Sunrises from the East, the Sunset Glow, the Sea of Clouds and the Golden Belt along the Yellow River. It would be a great pity to miss the four wonders.

How to get to Mount.Tai
Mount.Tai is located just north of the city of Tai'an(泰安) and to the south of the provincial capital Jinan(济南), the transportation is very convenient, you can at first reach Tai'an, and then prepare to climb the Mt.tai. There are several ways to get to Tai’an.

By train (convenient and cheap way)
From Bejing to Tai’an

From Shanghai to Tai’an

From Jinan to Tai’an

Large numbers of trains departing from Jinan pass through Tai’an everyday, you can choose any time you like. Fee is RMB6~ 13 and it’ll take about 1 hour.

By airline
The Yaoqiang International Airport is not far from Tai’an (about 90km), you can first reach there and then take a bus which start from the airport to Tai’an.
It is very easy for you to buy a ticket to Tai’an. And if you are in Tai’an and want to book a ticket or ask the information of the airline, you can call 0538-6152748 for help.

By bus
Large numbers of buses (at intervals of ten minutes) departing from Jinan can reach Tai’an. You can go to any of the bus station.

Long distance Bus Station (NO.131 Jiluo Lu. )Tel: 0531-85861716 (MAP)
Fee is RMB8~ 20 and it’ll take about 1.5 hours.

Four ascents of Mt. Tai
Mt.Tai is so majestic that you can choose different ways to climb it. Here we have prepared four ascents of Mt.Tai, you can choose one of them or two of them (one way up and one way down) according to your own situation.

Traditional Route (From Red Gate)
This route is considered to be the Imperial Route because the emperors all took this way to make sacrifices. With elegant natural scenery, palaces, stone inscriptions are also scattered along the winding path. You set off from Dai Temple, and then you will see Dai Zong Archway, Red Gate Palace, Jing Shi Valley, Hu Tian Pavilion and Eighteen Bends, etc.

The hot tourist attractions along this way
Dai Temple

Dai Temple (Dai Miao) is the largest and most complete ancient building complex in the area. It is located at the foot of Mount Tai in the city of Tai'an and covers an area of 96,000 square meters. The temple was first built during the Qin Dynasty. Since the time of the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD), its design has been a replica of the imperial palace, which makes it one out of three extant structures in China with the features of an imperial palace. The temple has five major halls and many small buildings.

The centerpiece is the Palace of Heavenly Blessings (Tian Kuang)(see the picture) built in 1008, during the Northern Song Dynasty. The hall houses the mural painting "The God of Mount Tai Making a Journey", dated to the year 1009. The mural extends around the eastern, western and northern walls of the hall and is 3.3 meters high and 62 meters long. The theme of the painting is an inspection tour by the god.

Next to the Palace of Heavenly Blessings stand the Yaocan Pavilion and the entrance archway as well as the Bronze Pavilion(see the picture) in the northeast corner. The Dai Temple is surrounded by the 2,100 year-old Han Dynasty cypresses. (see the picture)

Jing Shi Valley

The famous historical relic in the Jing Shi Valley is diamond sutra carved on the cliff, which is the biggest one in China. The lection now is about 1069 words (according to some archaeologist s, the original one has more than 2500 words), with size of 3000 square meter. And the brook goes through on it.

Eighteen Bends
Eighteen Bends is most different sector in the entire mountaineering Road. It consists of 1622 step. The vertical height is about 400meters.
Tips: Prepare yourself well before you start to conquer Eighteen Bends. You can have a rest when you finish one bend, but remember do not halt when you are on the step, or you will feel more tired and it’s very dangerous.

1. There are 6000-plus steps along this route and it takes about 4~6 hours to reach the peak. So it is suitable for those who have enough physical strength. The seniors and children should be cautious when you choose this way.
2. Do not take too much water and food with you. Along the way, there are lots of venders and the price is very low, compared with other mountains, for example a bottle of table-water is 2 yuan and a battercake is only 2 yuan. And you can take a empty bottle, as the vendors sell local tea as well as table-water, you can have a try. Of course, on the top of the mountain (Tianjie), the price is much higher, but it is reasonable and acceptable (a bottle of table-water is 5 yuan).
3. How to get to the Red Gate? You can take NO3.bus which directly goes to Red Gate after you get off the train (the bus station is in front of the railway station). Or you can take NO4.Bus (the bus station is in front of the railway station) which goes to the Dai Temple. After Visiting the Dai Temple, you can go to the Red Gate through the back door of the Dai Temple, it is about 1.3kilimeters. If you do not want to take a bus ,you can take a taxi (the fee is less than 10 yuan)

Fastest Route (From Heaven and Earth Square way)

The route is made up of two parts. The first part is the highroad from the Heaven and Earth Square to Mid-heaven Gate. The other part is the cable way from Mid-heaven Gate to the top of the mountain. This route is well equipped with modern facilities and is the most fashionable way to reach Jade Emperor Summit. Attractions concentrated on this route are Heaven and Earth Square, Black Dragon Pool, Tomb of General Feng Yuxiang and Longevity Bridge, etc.

1. The car can directly reach the Mid-heaven Gate, but in the midseason (golden weeks, summer holidays), there is a traffic control, so you had better take a bus. If you want to drive by yourself, you should avoid these periods.
2. This way is very fast, but it is at the cost of so many beautiful sceneries. So if you do not only want to enjoy the sunrise of Mt.Tai, you can climb up the mountain from Mid-heaven Gate instead of taking the cable car, or you can climb up the mountain from the Heaven and Earth Square, then choose the cable way.
The hot Tourist attractions along this way
Heaven and Earth Square(see the picture)
Black Dragon Pool(see the picture)
Longevity Bridge (see the picture)
3. You can take the NO3.bus or taxi (the fee is less than 10 yuan) to the Heaven and Earth Square.
The most Convenient Route (From Peach Blossom Ravine Route)

This route is the most convenient way to climb the mountain, especially for tourists who drive or take a bus from northern places. Peach Blossom Ravine can be accessed by taking the No.104 national highway, then setting off from the big parking lot by bus to the cable-car stop. From there you reach the top in a few minutes. The cable way is designed for sightseeing from the air giving a clear view.

1. The best time to take this route is in spring and summer. The flourishing peach blossom, falling petals and limpid steams will make you feel like you are in heaven.
2. In the way, you do not have to enter Tai’an city. Generally, especially in the midseason, you can not drive into the mountain by yourself, you should stop your car in the Peach Blossom Park, then take the bus (Fee: up 16yuan, down 15yuan).
3. If you want to enjoy this route but reach Tai,an by other vehicles, you can take NO.16 bus (the bus station is in front of the railway station) to the Peach Blossom Park. SP: the last bus is at 5PM, please pay attention to time.

Adventurous Route (Tianzhu Peak Route)
Just as its name implies, Tianzhu Peak was named because it is shaped like a candle, with a pine tree standing on top like a flame. This route is the most rugged one and is suitable for the adventurous. You will enjoy General Peak, Eight Immortals Cave, Big Tianzhu Peak and Small Tianzhu Peak, etc. It is also a better way to appreciate the pine trees in Hou Shi Wu (a spot where most of the old pine trees are growing).
If you want to see the unique natural scenery in Mt.Tai , you had better choose this route, and all of the beautiful scenery should be found by yourselves.


1. If you choose the second or third route when you climb up the Mt.Tai, you can choose this route to leave; you will not be disappointed if you do so.
2. Compared with other routes, there are fewer vendors along this route, so you have to carry enough food and water.
3. How to get to the foot of Tiazhu Peak? You can take NO.2 special bus for tourists (the bus station is in front of the railway station). SP: the last bus is at 5PM, please pay attention to time.

No matter which route you take, at last you will reach the top of mountain, so the following sceneries you can not miss.


Mt.Tai is famous for the sunrise over the sea of clouds that lies above the plain. This is best described by Mary Augusta Mullikin and Anna Hotchkis in the book, The Nine Sacred Mountains of China: “On a clear day the view form the top is one continuous line of interlacing mountains lying to the north and east, whereas to the south the plain spreads out in a glory of light, as though the tawny soil had become a golden yellow carpet.”

1. There are two ways to see the grand sunrise
Lodges in a hotel located on the top of mountain. Usually, most of the travelers in the hotel will go to enjoy the sunrise, so the only thing you have to do is to ask the owner or the waiters of the hotel the departure time. In most of the cases, the owner or the waiter will guide you to the right place to see the sunrise.
Lodges in a hotel located at the foot of mountain (in the Tai’an city), and Climb up the Mt.Tai at night (Usually start at 1am). and reach Jade Emperor Summit to see sunrise. It must be an exciting and interesting experience.
2. It is cold on the top of the mountain, even if in the summer, so do not forget to take a thick coat or sweater with you. If you Lodges in a hotel located on the top of mountain, you can rent a overcoat from the hotel (fee: about 10 yuan )
3. Take enough films or make sure your digital camera has enough power (The voltage on the top of mountain is not so stable ,you had better take two or three pieces of batteries)

Hotel in Taishan
There are two kinds of hotels in the Mt.Tai, the one on the top of the mountain and the on at the foot of the mountain. Which one is suitable is depends on your own situation.

  • Hotels on the top of the mountain
The condition of the Hotel on the top of the mountain is poor but expensive. What is worse, they are often full, so if you plan to stay in these hotels, you had better book before. Here are three major hotels on the top of the mountain.
1. Shenqi Hotel (神憩宾馆):three stars . TEL: 0538-8223866/271000
The condition is the best but it is really very very expensive, especially in the midseason. (Two-person room>1000yuan) (see the picture)
2. Xianju Hotel(仙居宾馆): one star. TEL: 0538-8226877 271000
The condition is not as good as Shenqi Hotel. (see the picture)
3. Air force Hotel(空军招待所) TEL: 0538-8226957
The condition is very poor but its price is acceptable and very close to the place where you can see the sunrise. What is more, the owner is very nice. (see the picture)
  • In the city
There are lots of hotels in different levers in Tai’an City. And the condition is much better than those on the top of the mountain and the price is much lower. Followings are those which at the foot of the mountain.
1. Huaqiao Hotel(华侨大厦): 4 stars TEL: 0538-8228112
It is located in Dongyue Street and it is the best hotel in Tai’an (see the picture)
2. Taishan Hotel(泰山宾馆): 3 stars TEL:0538-8224678(see the picture)
3. Yaochi Hotel(瑶池大酒店): 2 stars TEL: 0538-8211728

1. The price is very different according to different season and the gap may be very large, you had better make sure before.
2. If you book on the internet, it will be much cheaper. Here are some useful website(has English version)

Local food
Tai’an battercake is different from battercake in other places. First it is made of rice or corn; second, it’s very thin and nearly transparent. The traditional way to eat it is wrapping the shallot in battercake.

Bean curd
There is an old saying in Tai’an:” There are three excellent things in Tai’an: cabbage, bean cur and water”. There are various ways to cook the bean curd, and no matter in which way, the key point to make a excellent dish is that you must use the spring comes from Mt.tai.
The picture on the left is called Bean curd banquet(all the dishes are made of bean curd)

Feicheng Peach
This kind of peace has a long history of 1100 years. It is very big and full of nutrition. One peach can reach 350g.


This kind of peace has a long history of 3000years. It is very big and good for health. It can reduce the chance of having following diseases: High Cholesterol; high blood pressure and coronary heart disease,etc.

Chilin Fish
It is also called Dapple Fish, which is one of the eight rare fish in China. It is only living in the brooks or rivers in the Mt.Tai. It is small and very delicious, and very expensive. It is about 100yuan per fish. So if someone sells the “Chilin Fish” at a very low price, be care it is likely to be fake.
Other tips:
1. Things you need to prepare before climbing up the mountain:
Thick sweater or overcoat and Sport shoes
Medicine (according to your own situation)
Suntan oil, topee and sunglasses: the sunlight is very strong in the mountain
Raincoat: Remember don’t take umbrella; there is often strong wind in mountain when it is raining, so it is very dangerous if you are holding an umbrella.
2. The Admission Fee of Mt.Tai
RMB125 (Feb. 1 to Nov. 30)
RMB100 (Dec. 1 to Jan. 31)
In the mountain, you don’t have to pay other admission fee except a few places, but it’s cheap (5yuan per place)
3. The Cable way Fee
One way: RMB80
Round way: RMB140
4. Cable way Timetable