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Travel in Guangdong

Located at the southern tip of the Pearl River Delta (zhū jiāng sān jiǎo zhōu 珠江三角洲) of Guangdong Province (guǎng dōng shěng 广东省), Zhuhai (zhū hǎi 珠海) is one of the five special economic zones in China. It faces Hong Kong  (xiāng gǎng 香港) in the east across the sea and joins Macau (ào mén 澳门) in the south. Also, it is close to many other cities in Guangdong Province.
    Night View of Zhuhai
Standing on the west bank of the estuary of the Pearl River to the South China Sea, Zhuhai is a gardenlike coastal city with 146 charming islands, thus it has got the fame of “a city with hundreds of islands”. With its amazing large green area, the city is a modern ecotype resort. The beautiful Jingshan Road (jīn shān lù 金山路) and Qinglü Road (Lovers' Road, qíng lǚ lù 情侣路) add romantic atmosphere to Zhuhai. 

Lovers' RoadHistory
In 1990s, Zhuhai City as a whole was selected as one of the top 40 tourist attractions in China. And in 1998, it won the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment. Since then, Zhuhai has become known to the world as a most suitable place for human living.

Actually, people have lived there since the Neolithic Age Meixi Royal Stone Archways(xīn shí qì shí dài 新石器时代) four or five thousand years ago. A government administrative department was set up in the area in the Qin Dynasty (qín cháo 秦朝) (221 - 206 B.C.). During the following centuries, the area underwent slow but is steady developing. In 1953, Zhuhai County (zhū hǎi xiàn 珠海县) was set up there, upgraded to Zhuhai City (zhū hǎi shì 珠海市) in 1979. In 1980, a special economic zone was established in Zhuhai. Today the city has under its jurisdiction three districts, namely, Xiangzhou (xiāng zhōu 香洲), Doumen (dǒu mén 斗门), and Jinwan (jīn wān 金湾).

In recent years, Zhuhai has made progress in economic development owing to its advantageous geographical location near Hong Kong and Macao, its ports with excellent conditions, its overseas Chinese contributions, and especially the policy of reform and opening up. Foreign investment, advanced technologies and management methods stimulated the economic boom of Zhuhai. As a result, the transportation and accommodations improved. Diversified transportation links provide a wide range of ways to get there or to travel inside the city. A variety of star rated hotels offer convenience and enjoyment.

  New Yuanmingyuan Garden

Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue
The superior advancement in economy promotes the development of tourism of Zhuhai. The moderate climate of Zhuhai makes it an ideal tourist destination all year round. It has many attractions worthy of visiting, including the Zhuhai Fisher Girl Statue (zhū hǎi yú nǚ 珠海渔女), New Yuanmingyuan Garden (yuán míng xīn yuán 圆明新园), Pearl Land Amusement Park (zhēn zhū lè yuán 珍珠乐园), Jiuzhou City Hebao Island(jiǔ zhōu chéng 九洲城), Meixi Royal Stone Archways (méi xī pái fǎng 梅溪牌坊), Huangyang Mountain (huáng yáng shān 黄杨山) and Baiteng Lake (bái téng hú 白藤湖). Additionally, various appealing islands are recommended such as Dong'ao Island (dōng’ào dǎo东澳岛), Gaolan Island (gāo lán dǎo 高栏岛), Qi'ao Island (qí’ào dǎo 淇澳岛) and Hebao Island (hé bāo dǎo 荷包岛) and so on.

Qi'ao Island
There is a famous commercial street in Zhuhai, which is called Lotus Road (lián huā lù 莲花路). To the north side of Lotus Road there is Macau, which makes the road famous. There are various bars alongside. And quantities of travelers from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan come to the street for its unique characteristics.

Dong'ao IslandZhuhai is also famous for its hot springs and golf clubs where you can take a break from sightseeing. The consummate tourist reception and service system offers many choices of entertainment as well. Dining and shopping are also pleasant. Western and oriental cultures collide and combine here: an open, colorful, and romantic Zhuhai awaits you.

1. May to October is the rainy season in Zhuhai, it will be wet during that period. The best season for traveling to Zhuhai is March to April and October to December.
2. Zhuhai is adjoining with Macao, so it is convenient for you to go to Macao.