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White Crane Mountain
Travel in Guangxi

   White Crane Mountain
White Crane Mountain
(bái hè shān白鹤山), also called Feihe Hummock (fēi hè gǎng 飞鹤岗), is located at the confluence of the Xun River (xún jiāng 浔江) and Gui River (guì jiāng 桂江). From ancient times to the present, the mountain is a famous attractions in Wuzhou City (wú zhōu shì 梧州市) in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (guǎng xī zhuàng zú zì zhì qū 广西壮族自治区). In the morning, the White Crane Mountain is like a fairy in the mist. While in the afternoon, the inverted image of the mountain on the Gui River is like a beauty dressing and making up.

Tablet on the White Crane MountainIn 1897, during the reign of Emperor Guangxu (guāng xù dì 光绪帝) in Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝), when Wuzhou was opened for trade, Great Britain set up their consulate in White Crane Mountain. At that time, the mountain is a forbidden area for the tourists. Until 1928, the mountain was taken back by the government. And in 1930, White Crane Mountain is opened to the public as a park. Covering the area of about 14 hectares, there are ancient trees, birds and flowers in the park.

The former site of the UK Consulate is situated on the top of the mountain, which covers an area of 1500 square meters. It was constructed with wood and brick, around the house there are corridors connected with each other. At the front door, there are 7 brick pillars erecting to the roof. Entering the door, there are living rooms, offices, and wing rooms. The house is covered with glazed tiles, combined the eastern and western style together.

Statue on White Crane MountainBesides, there is the Hegang Pavilion (hè gǎng lóu 鹤岗楼), which is with three stories. The pavilion is grace and of primitive simplicity. In front of the pavilion, there are flowers and green trees, with the statue of white crane. Stepping to the top of the pavilion, you can have a bird’s view of the whole city. To the south, the river is flowing to the east. To the east, the bridge spanning on the Gui River, high buildings are standing closely side by side. In the Stone Museum, there are the stalactites, roseate stones, and black stones. Some are like tortoise, and some are like the flying phoenix. All the stones and rocks are in different shapes, which attract large quantities of tourists.

White Crane Mountain
Location: on the bank of Yuanyang River (鸳鸯江) in Wuzhou City
Admission fee: NCY 5
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Transportation: you can take bus No. 2, 3 to get off at Guijiang Bridge, and then walk for about 100 meters, you will see the mountain
Attractions nearby: Baimo Cave, Longmu Temple