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Harborland Theme Park
Travel in Zhejiang

 Harborland Theme Park
Harborland Theme Park
(fèng huáng shān zhǔ tí lè yuán 凤凰山主题乐园) is a large-scale international theme park with hi-tech amusements of the new generation. It is located in the center of Beilun District (běi lún qū 北仑区), Ningbo City (níng bō shì 宁波市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省). The park covers an area of 260,000 square meters. It was designed by JAR, one of the top planner of theme parks in the world who adopts the latest design ideas in the world, and build four theme gardens of World Plaza (shì jiè guǎng chǎng 世界广场), Magic Land (mó huàn cūn zhuāng 魔幻村庄), Phoenix City (fèng huáng chéng bǎo 凤凰城堡) and Voyage of Adventure (tàn xiǎn zhī lǚ 探险之旅). Harborland Theme Park is the first-class kingdom of happiness and the holy land for holidays of East China (huá dōng 华东).

There are twenty-three entertainment facilities, three performance facilities, eight theme eating and drinking establishments and fifteen theme shops in the park.

Flight of the PhoenixWorld Plaza
It is a colorful plaza serves as the park’s entry point and sets the stage for the experience
to come.

Magic Land

Attractions in this zone include Alive and Kicking (huó bèng luàn tiào 活蹦乱跳) which was introduced from Italy. Firstly the facility lift the visitors to a height of three meters The Wizard Castleabove the land. Then jumps to the lowest point, then lift high again. It is very exciting and was loved by children. The 4-D Cinema (sì wéi diàn yǐng yuàn 四维电影院) was introduced from America. It can hold 96 people. Visitors can experience the film from innervations, sense of smell and feeling. The Interactive-shooting Airplane (hù dòng shì xiǎo fēi jī 互动式小飞机) from Italy is pretty funny. It runs and moves up along with the music. Every plane can shoot to the plane in front of it. When a plane was hit, it will fall slowly. It is suitable for old and young. The Wizard Castle (wū shī chéng bǎo 巫师城堡) is very exciting. Visitors take a boat to go into the castle. There are jungles in it. The snake, monsters and something else will appear in front of the visitors. The visitors hold a laser gun in hand so that they can shot these monsters. Apart from these, The Small Train (xiǎo huǒ chē 小火车), Children F1 (ér tóng F1 儿童F1) and Merry-Go-Round (xuán zhuǎn mù mǎ 旋转木马) are also worth visiting.

The Pirate ShipPhoenix City
There are many interesting items in this area. For example, Flight of the Phoenix (fēi tiān fèng huáng 飞天凤凰) which was introduced from Switzerland. It is 830 meters in length and has a maximum speed is 80 KM/H. It has eight circles and can up to a height of 31 meters. Flight of the Phoenix is a roller coaster that has the most circles in Asia and the second in the world. The path of the High Wire Bike (kōng zhōng jiǎo tà chē 空中脚踏车) is 220 meters long. You can experience the feeling of riding in the air. The Pirate Ship (hǎi dào chuán 海盗船) here is the largest one in China. It can hold 60 people once. Other items like Rotary Balloon (xuán zhuǎn qì qiú 旋转气球), Free Drop (zì yóu luò tǐ 自由落体) are very interesting too.

Voyage of Adventure
This area includes the following items. The Drunk Barrel (zuì jiǔ tǒng 醉酒桶), Crazy Bus (fēng kuáng xiǎo bā shì 疯狂小巴士), Whitewater Rafting (jí liú fàn zhōu 急流泛舟), Turn It All Around (niǔ zhuǎn qián kūn 扭转乾坤), Bumper Cars (bèng bèng chē 蹦蹦车), Jeeps in Forest (sēn lín jí pǔ chē 森林吉普车), Children Climbing (ér tóng pān pá 儿童攀爬) etc..

Harborland Theme Park
Address: No. 728 Liaohe Road (liáo hé lù 辽河路), Beilun District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Admission fee: RMB 120
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Transportation: you can take No. 716, 706, 704, 68, 789, 783 bus to get to there

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