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Hangzhou Safari Park
Travel in Zhejiang

    Hangzhou Safari Park
Hangzhou Safari Park
(háng zhōu yě shēng dòng wù yuán 杭州野生动物园) is an important tourism program in Hangzhou City (háng zhōu shì 杭州市), Zhejiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省). It covers an area of 3500 mu (mǔ 亩), is the largest-scaled safari park in Eastern China Region. The park is surrounded with beautiful mountains and flowing water. It has an array of animals such as white lions, Siberian tigers, leopards, monkeys and rhinoceros etc.. You can also see the "Four National Treasures", Giant Pandas (dà xióng māo 大熊猫), Red Ibises (zhū huán 朱鹮), Golden Takins (jīn máo líng niú 金毛羚牛) and Golden Monkeys (jīn sī hóu 金丝猴).

By functions, the park is divided into three  areas, which are Sightseeing Area (yóu lǎn guān guāng qū 游览观光区), Services Area (hòu qín bǎo zhàng qū 后勤保障区) and Zoological Buffer Area (shēng tài huǎn chōng qū 生态缓冲区).

White KangaroosThe Sightseeing Area
This area is divided into two parts, walking area and bus visiting area. The design of the park completely conquer the shortcomings of first generation zoo in China- people watching the caged animals and the second generation zoo- animals watching the caged person. Also it refers to the mode of the safari parks in Singapore, South Africa etc.. The park brings out the idea that human beings, animals and the nature to live in harmony. According to the habits, characteristics, and ferocity grade of the animals, they are kept in different ways, such as scattered keep (sǎn fàng 散放), semi-scattered keep (bàn sǎn fàng 半散放), raise in enclosure (juàn yǎng 圈养), kept alone (dú yǎng 独养), kept together (hùn yǎng 混养). You can see giraffe, elephant, bear etc.. There are scenic spots like Peacock Garden (kǒng què yuán 孔雀园), Orangutan House (xīng xīng guǎn 猩猩馆), Swan Lake (tiān é hú 天鹅湖), Asia Field (yà zhōu yuán yě 亚洲原野), Africa Field (fēi zhōu yuán yě 非洲原野) and so on. Totally it has almost 200 kinds and over ten thousand animals. Apart from the normal animals, you can also enjoy the world rare animals. For example, the Four Whites---- white lions, white tiger, white rhinoceros and white kangaroo; the Four National Treasures---- giant pandas, red ibises, golden takins and golden monkeys. What is funny is that you can have a photo with some of the animals. It is really a good experience and opportunity.

PandasThe Services Area
The Services Area consists of Animal Hospital (shòu yī yuàn 兽医院), Quarantine Station (gé lí jiǎn yì chǎng 隔离检疫场), Animal Feed Plant (dòng wù sì liào chǎng 动物饲料厂). This area is responsible to cure, quarantine, breed, raise, train, manage animals and provide feeds to them.

The Zoological Buffer Area
This White Tigersarea is located in the round region between the sightseeing area and abuttals bounding wall. It is planted a large area of flowers, lawns, trees and ryegrass. The set up of zoological buffer area not only avoid the disturb from outside world effectively, but also create a favorable atmosphere for the whole park.

The zoo holds many wonderful animal performances like the Cirkus Performance (mǎ xì biǎo yǎn 马戏表演), Elephant Performance, Flying Trapeze (kōng zhōng fēi rén 空中飞人) and Birds Performance (fēi qín biǎo yǎn 飞禽表演) etc..  You can clearly feel the harmony between human beings, the nature and animals. You can drive your car to the park, look out for the vehicle entrance.

Golden MonkeyHangzhou Safari Park
Address: No. 1 Jiulong Avenue (jiǔ lóng dà dào 九龙大道), Hangfu Road (háng fù lù 杭富路), Hangzhou City, Zhejian Province
Admission fee: RMB 120
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Transportation: you can take No. 514 bus to get there 
1. Be careful of the dangerous animals when visiting.
2. When you drive, be careful driving through the park.