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Travel in Guangdong

  Xiqiao Mountain
Foshan City
(fó shān shì 佛山市) is in the southwest of Guangdong Province (guǎng dōng shěng 广东省), 28 kilometers away from Guangzhou City (guǎng zhōu shì 广州市). With a population of 320,000, Foshan is one of China’s oldest pottery towns. It is in the central area of Zhujiang Delta (zhū jiāng sān jiǎo zhōu 珠江三角洲), the north to it is Guangzhou, the west to it is Zhaoqing (zhào qìng 肇庆), Zhuhai (zhū hǎi 珠海) is in the east and Jiangmen (jiāng mén 江门) is to the south.

There are many beautiful tourist attractions in Foshan, like Huang Feihong Memorial Hall (huáng fēi hóng jì niàn guǎn 黄飞鸿纪念馆), Xiqiao Mountain (xī qiáo shān 西樵山), Ancestral Temple (zǔ miào 祖庙), Shiwan (shí wān 石湾) etc., among them the first two are the most famous.

Huang Feihong Memorial HallHuang Feihong Memorial Hall
Huang Feihong (1847–1924), was a martial artist, a medical doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and revolutionary who became a Chinese folk hero and the subject of numerous television series and films. At the age of five, he began to study martial arts from his father Huang Qiying (huáng qí yīng 黄麒英), one of the Ten Tigers of Canton (guǎng dōng shí hǔ 广东十虎). To supplement his poor family's income, he followed his father to Guangdong province to do martial arts performances and to sell medicines. In his youth, Huang showed great potential in martial art. When he was thirteen, while giving a martial arts demonstration in Foshan, Huang met Lin Fucheng (lín fú chéng 林福成), the first apprentice of Tie Qiaosan (tiě qiáo sān 铁桥三), who taught him the "tour de force (jué jì 绝技)" of Iron Wire Fist (tiě xiàn quán 铁线拳) and Sling (fēi tuó 飞砣). When he was sixteen, he set up martial arts schools in Guangdong province, and then opened his clinic 'Bao Zhi Lin' (bǎo zhī lín 宝芝林) in Foshan. By his early 20s, he was fast making his mark as a highly-respected physician and martial artist. There was a Huang Feihong film series in Hong Kong from the late 1940s into the 1960s, it consisted of 99 movies.

Huang FeihongHuang Feihong Memorial Hall is located in the north of the Ancestral Temple. It covers an area of 5,000 square kilometers. The building is modeled after the house of the Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝). It reproduces the style of folk residence and ancestral temple when Huang Feihong---the great martial master was alive. The building is divided into a show room (chén liè guǎn 陈列馆), Huang Feihong Cinema (fēi hóng yǐng yuàn 飞鸿影院), a Wushu-practicing hall (yǎn wǔ tīng 演武Bao Zhi Lin厅), all of these represent the charm of the great master the life. The hall was built to memorialize the Wushu (wǔ shù 武术) Master- Huang Feihong.

In the show room of the hall, there is a photo of Huang Feihong which is the only real person photo in China. Many visitors who came here would take a group photo with Huang. The real person photo of the Thirteenth Aunt Mo Guilan (mò guì lán 莫桂兰) was also in the show room. There is a ectype of Bao Zhi Lin in the show room which is almost the same as scene in cinema. The Wushu-practicing hall is very large, everyday a scene of Wushu will be performed here, the apprentices of Huang will present the best feat to visitors. Huang Feihong Cinema will play the movies of Huang all the time, it makes people felt seen Huang Feihong again. It was said that the workers in Ancestral Temple have collected over 1,000 pieces of Huang’s cultural relic, 100 movies and the real person performance of Huang Feihong kung fu. Huang Feihong Memorial Halll was composed by these things.

Huang Feihong Memorial Hall
in the Ancestral Temple Road (zǔ miào lù 祖庙路), Chancheng District (chán chéng qū 禅城区), Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Admission fee: RMB 40
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Bus: No.122, 116, 138, 207, 115

Xiqiao MountainXiqiao Mountain
Xiqiao Mountain is located in the southwest of Nanhai District (nán hǎi qū 南海区), Foshan City , Guangdong Province. It is 45 kilometers away from Guangzhou City. Xiqiao Mountain is one of the four famous mountains of Guangdong Province.

With 72 queer peaks and 42 serene caves, Xiqiao Mountain is star-studded by lakes, waterfalls, springs, riffles, rocks, cliffs, ponds Kwan-yin of South Chinaand terraces. The major scenic spots include White Cloud Cave Scenic Spot (bái yún dòng jǐng qū 白云洞景区), Jasper Hollow Scenic Spot (bì yù dòng jǐng qū 碧玉洞景区), Green Rock Scenic Spot (cuì yán jǐng qū 翠岩景区), Kwan-yin of South China Sea Cultural Garden (nán hǎi guān yīn wén huà yuàn 南海观音文化苑), Yellow Immortal Holy Garden (huáng dà xiān shèng jìng yuán 黄大仙圣境园) and Big Lake Park (dà hú gōng yuán 大湖公园).

The White Cloud Cave Scenery Spot is located in the east of Xiqiao Mountain. The cave is the most famous one in 36 caves in Xiqiao Mountain. There are many temples, monasteries and pavilions. The Cloud Waterfall (yún pù 云瀑) is high and strange; it has no stationary orientation in its falling, scattering water over. Sometimes, it sprays water drops from clouds; the water drops looks like smoke or fog. At this time, all things on the cavity bottom are covered in the water drops. Also, the White Cloud Hollow abounds with cultural relics and historic sites of the Ming (míng cháo 明朝) and Qing Dynasties such as Three Lakes Academy (sān hú shū yuàn 三湖书院), Cloud and Spring Hall (yún quán xiān guǎn 云泉仙馆), White Cloud Ancient Temple (bái yún gǔ sì 白云古寺) and Inscriptions on Cliffs (mó yá shí kè 摩崖石刻). Additionally, the Cloud Waterfall of Xiqiao has been listed as one of 'the eight spectacular scenes of Guangzhou' in the Qing Dynasty.
      Xiqiao Mountain
Kwan-yin of South China Sea Cultural Garden is situated at Daxian Peak (dà xiān fēng 大仙峰), one of the 72 peaks of Xiqiao Mountain. The Kwan-yin statue is grand, holy and gorgeous. The statue is about 61.9 meters high, implying that Kwan-yin achieved perfection on June 19th. Kwan-yin sits in her holy seat of lotus flowers, with a merciful light shining in her eyes. This place has been a destination of researchers to study Kwan-yin culture.

Xiqiao Mountain has been awarded as “national-level scenic area” and “National Forest Park”. It attracts visitors from all over the nation with its natural beauty and profound tourist cultural deposit. Some scholars and experts made comments that “those failed to climb Xiqiao Mountain cannot be said to have visited South China”.

The best time to visit Xiqiao Mountain is spring, when peach trees blossom vigorously and their fragrance spreads over the whole mountain.

Xiqiao Mountain

Location: in the southwest of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province
Opening hours: 7:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Admission fees: RMB 50
Transportation: You can take special bus to Xiqiao Mountain