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Minsk World
Travel in Guangdong

   Minsk Aircraft Carrier
Located in Shatoujiao (shā tóu jiǎo 沙头角), Shenzhen City (shēn zhèn shì 深圳市), Minsk World (mín g sī kè háng mǔ shì jiè 明思克航母世界) is the first military theme park taking aircraft carrier as body in China and even in Asia. It was built with the retired aircraft carrier of the former Soviet Union-Minsk and becomes the pioneer in the tourism with unique aircraft carrier and rich military cultures. Minsk World, with the theme idea of “Experience aircraft carrier, approach to the sea and happy military port”, will create a brand-new military theme Eden where you can experience much you have never experienced.

Minsk Aircraft CarrierAs the world’s fifth greatest aircraft carrier, Minsk was constructed by part of the Soviet Pacific Fleet. With the total length of 274 meters, 47.2 in width, Minsk got the reputation of “the lion of the sea” and was regarded as the identification of former Soviet Union. However, it had to be retired as a result of a major accident which could only be repaired at Chernomorski's facility, located in the newly-independent Ukraine. In 1995 it was sold to a South Korean businessman, and later resold to Shenzhen Minsk Aircraft Carrier Industry Co. Ltd., a Chinese company, who refit Minsk and take it as the centerpiece of the military theme park.

Minsk WorldThe theme park is made up of the aircraft carrier Minsk in the sea and the Minsk Square on land. Four of the carrier’s decks including the flight deck and hangar deck can be visited. Various aspects of the Minsk, such its living quarters and armament, are set up as exhibits. The staffs are dressed in mock military uniforms, while regular choreographed musical performances are held on the flight and hangar decks. It is also possible to take a quick ride around the starboard side of the Minsk via motorboat.

Ex HelicopterMinsk Square (míng sī kè guǎng chǎng 明思克广场) covers the area of more than 80000 square meters, which can be divided into three parts: the front square (qián guǎng chǎng 前广场), the back square (hòu guǎng chǎng 后广场) and the aircraft carrier center. There is procession show on the front square every day. This Square features a sculpture called “Turn Swords into Ploughs”(zhù jiàn wéi lí 铸剑为犁) which calls for deep thought about the hard-earned peace. On the back square, emphasizes military entertainment, featuring a soul stirring naval battle simulation that is not to be missed. The tank position and air base are also located there. The third section of Minsk Square is the Aircraft Carrier Center (háng mǔ zhōng xīn 航母中心), a multi-functional building with a distinctive architectural style. The whole square combines a stunning landscape and a distinctly military atmosphere.

Ex AirplaneMinsk World
Address: Sha Tou Jiao, Yantian District (yán tián qū 盐田区), Shenzhen
Admission fee: RMB 130/p (half price for the old people 60 – 65 years old and the children between 120cm - 150cm)
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Traffic: No.68, 84, 202, 239, 358 buses