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Home Travel in Zhejiang Ten Scenes of the West Lake (2)
Ten Scenes of the West Lake (2)
Travel in Zhejiang
    West Lake
Another spot to check up the vivid life and catch up with birds chirping out of the ten charms of the West Lake is the Viewing Fish at Lotus Ponds (huā gǎng guān yú 花港观鱼). The Flower Pond Park occupies an area of twenty-one hectares on a peninsula in the southwest corner of the lake. In its heart is the Red Fish Pond, where people can relax to the sight of brightly colorful fish swimming around and to the brisk melody of chirpy birdsong. To stay with nature is a highly enjoyable experience.

Viewing Fish at Lotus PondsLeifeng Pagoda (léi fēng tǎ 雷峰塔) is another renowned scenic spot in Hangzhou (háng zhōu 杭州). Originally built in the 10th century, Leifeng Pagoda  used to stand in front of Jingci Temple (jìng cí sì 净慈寺) on Nanping Mountain (nán píng shān 南屏山). Though failed to stand the test of time, the Pagoda collapsed in early 1900s. In 2002, Leifeng Pagoda was reconstructed; then comes back the typical Sunset Glow over Leifeng Pagoda (léi fēng xī zhào 雷峰夕照), one of the Sunset Glow over Leifeng Pagodaten charms of West Lake, as the Pagoda looks especially majestic when surrounded by the golden hues of the setting sun. With combination of a traditional aesthetic style and modern architecture techniques, Leifeng Pagoda affords a view of West Lake in its entirety.

While it‘s difficult to take your eyes off the tranquil waters, take time to gaze at the skies above West Lake. You‘ll be rewarded with the sight of two limestone mountains past the northern edge of the lake, one to the northeast and one to the northwest, five kilometers apart. On a drizzling day in spring or autumn, the two peaks come and go amongst the drifting rain clouds. And here comes the name of Twin Peaks Soaring through the Clouds (shuāng fēng chā yún 双峰插云), another scene you cannot miss around the West Lake.

Twin Peaks Soaring through the CloudsPersonally I award the title of the Most Poetic to the Evening Bell at Nanping Mountain (nán píng wǎn zhōng 南屏晚钟), out of the ten collections of the West Lake views. Nanping Mountain stretches along the southern bank of the Lake. At dusk, with the sun slowly drifting into the Lake on the west, a huge bell at Jingci Temple, will ring its farewell to the last sunbeam of the day. With the prolonged bell sound reverberating Evening Bell at Nanping Mountainacross the Lake, the peaceful and sacred air offers you a perfect occasion for meditation.

If you can catch one of the tour coaches that leave after dusk, the Three Pools Mirroring the Moon (sān tán yìng yuè 三潭映月) should not to be missed. Just off the southern shore of the Island of Little Oceans stand three small pagodas that seem to float on the water. Each about 2 meters high, when candles are placed inside on moonlit nights, the effect is of 4 moons dancing on the shimmering night waters. The scene is especially magical when the giant glowing moon on the night of Mid-Autumn Day is overhead.

Three Pools Mirroring the MoonIn recent years, the people of Hangzhou have selected "Ten New Scenes of the West Lake," as well as built a few new attractions – for example a tea museum, a silk museum, etc. The ten new scenes are beautiful, and the new attractions will leave you with a greater appreciation for the area‘s famous commodities. But if you only have a day, it‘s tough to argue with the tried and true.