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Night View of Chongqing

   the Yuzhong Peninsular
The center of the old city of Chongqing (chóng qìng 重庆) is almost completely encircled by the two arms of the Yangtze River (yáng zǐ jiāng 扬子江) and Jialing River (jiā líng jiāng 嘉陵江). Row upon row of buildings climb the hills beside the rivers, giving rise to its nickname the "city of hills (shān chéng 山城)" and the phrase "night views of the hilly city (shān chéng yè jǐng 山城夜景)" known well both in domestic and in overseas. observing the nocturnal scenes which form a colorful three-dimensional painting, with waves of the Yangtze and Jialing river glistering against moonlit, star spangled sky,is an amazing experience that you shall never miss. 


Chongqing at NightThe nocturnal sight in Chongqing is splendid and beautiful. When night falls, the lights of a myriad families shine like stars, climbing to the sky, where they join the star-studded dome above, the flowing water and open sky each playing off the other's radiant beauty. The whole city is a sleepless city and looks like a splendid palace floating on water. When people get into the palace, they will completely swept by the feeling of the heaven permeating the earth.

Chaotian GateIf possible, choose a day that is relatively clear, as little can be seen when the fog is heavy, the city government has undertaken an urban beatification project that requires all new buildings to be illuminated at night. The banks of both rivers are lit up with colourful strings of lights and can be seen from quite a distance.


High Buildings at NightSince the city is on the mountains and the mountains are the city, on the mountain you can not only enjoying the charming view, but also enjoy the wonderful evening night scenes. At night, climbing up onto one of the less-populated hills affords panoramic views of the city‘s night lights. Due to the city‘s hilly terrain, you can see a hierarchy of lights in all directions. Chongqing at night presents a wonderful scene. Lights in different colors sparkle and shine in layers and are reflected in the sparkling river, creating a mirage-like view. It‘s hard to tell the river and the lights.

Overpass There are several vantage points for observing this mountain city by both day and night : the Red Star Pavilion (hóng xīng tíng 红星亭) in the Pi Pa Shan Park (pí pá shān gōng yuán 枇杷山公园) and the Kan Sheng Pavilion (kàn shèng lóu 瞰胜楼), you can see lights around you in Goose Neck Park (é lǐng gōng yuán 鹅岭公园)  in Yuzhong District (yú zhōng qū 渝中区), but the favourite is One Tree Hill (yī kē shù 一棵树) on South Mountain (nán shān 南山).

One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill This scenic lookout located in the middle of South Mountain offers a panoramic view of the Yuzhong (yú zhōng 渝中) peninsular of Chongqing and the Yangtze River. It is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in Chongqing and provides an unforgettable experience of how beautiful Chongqing night view can be. Taking a bird’s eye view from a high place on the southern bank ,you may find Yuzhong peninsular a sea of lights, while the rivers a dragon palace.

Location : Nan Shan, Nan’an District (nán àn qū 南岸区).
Tel: 023-62875625, 62873335
Bus: No.346, 384
Admission fee: RMB 20

Night Cruise
Night CruiseAfter viewing the shimmering waters of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers from South Mountain, you may also want to take a night tour aboard a cruise ship to view the city's night views. The lights shadow in the water, when the cruise ship cross, the surface of the river becomes colorful belt. So though you are on the ships, you can feel roaming in the wild sky or wandering in the unbounded light ocean.

Ticket : A 2-hour cruise tour range from RMB 30 to RMB 80 per person.
Time : Tours run from 8 to 10 o'clock in the evening.
Departure : Night Cruise departs from the Chao Tian Men Dock (cháo tiān mén mǎ tóu 朝天门码头).

Nan Bin Road Bars Street (nán bīn lù 南滨路)
Nan Bin Road Bars StreetStretching along the Yangtze River, you will have no problem finding Nan Bin Road, just look for the dazzling neon lights. It is a good place to relax where you will find many bars, pubs, cafe and teahouses, each offering a unique style and flavor. The street has become a hub for nighttime leisure in Chongqing.

Location : Nan Bin Road, Nan’an District.