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Home Travel in Hubei Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Area
Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Area

       Mulan Heaven Pool
Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Area
(mù lán tiān chí fēng jǐng qū 木兰天池风景区) is located at Shimen Town (shí mén zhèn 石门镇), Huangpi District (huáng pí qū 黄陂区), Wuhan City (wǔ hàn shì 武汉市), Hubei Province, covering 4800 hectares. It is regarded as the “Jiuzhaigou Valley (jiǔ zhài gōu 九寨沟) of Hubei, Lushan Mountain (lú shān 庐山) of Wuhan”. Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Area is divided to scenic resort and leisure resort. The main peak is 520.6 meters above sea level, which belongs to the vein of Dabie Mountains (dà bié shān xì 大别山系). There are gully aspects and lush forests, water continuously throughout the year, which shows the landscape of wetland ecosystems. It is said that General Mulan (mù lán jiāng jūn 木兰将军) watered her horse in the pool when she was on the way to the battle field. And because the pool is with high altitude, then people called this pool Mulan Heaven Pool.

The legend of Hua Mulan (huā mù lán 花木兰)
Hua MulanHua Mulan (huā mù lán 花木兰) was a woman in Sui (隋) Dynasty. She was the oldest child in her family, and her brothers were young. She was very worried about her old father, so when she heard the order of enlistment which resisted Turks, she was in man's clothing and took the place of her father for joining army. Mulan was wise and brave, so she was promoted to a general, but no one knew she was a woman. When the war ended, Emperor Sui Yang (suí yang dì 隋炀帝)gave high position and handsome salary to her, but Mulan politely refused. Mulan returned to hometown, and dressed in woman’s clothing. Her battle companions were very surprised. Emperor Sui Yang  heard this information, and summoned Mulan. This despotic emperor admired the young woman and wanted her to be his concubine. Mulan said, “There isn’t a ritual that a minister becomes the spouse of a monarch.”

Xianglong Stone (xiáng long shí 降龙石)
Xianglong RockIt was said that there was a naughty little white dragon who always came out of the water and brought flood. Complaints are heard everywhere. However, little Hua Mulan was not afraid of the dragon. She was on the watch of the dragon by side of the pool every day. And finally, when the dragon came out, little Mulan rode on the back of the dragon, and jabbed her wooden sword into its neck. The dragon was so afraid that he crouched on the rock immediately. Till now, there is the footmark of Mulan and the white dragon on the Xianglong Rock (xiáng long shí 降龙石). 

Longyin RockBaxianzuo Rock (bā xiān zuò 八仙座)
The Baxianzuo Rock (bā xiān zuò 八仙座) gets its name for there are shapes of eight seats on the rock. There is legend goes that the dragon king invited the eight immortals to moralize his son, little white dragon, so as to take his son in hand. They descended to the world on this rock so that there forms shapes of eight seats.

Mulan Heaven Pool

Heaven Pool (tiān chí 天池)

The Heaven Pool (tiān chí 天池) in on the top of the mountain in height of 506 meters above sea level. The pool covers the area of 360 mu (mǔ 亩). It is clear and clean and seems as a big jade. It will make you feel that you are in fairyland.

Grass Skating
Grass Skating (huá cǎo 滑草)

Grass skating (huá cǎo 滑草) is the newly operated entertainment program. There are nine slide ways on the slope, which is more than 100 meters high. Visitors can slip down the grassy slope along the slide way, which is adventurous and exciting. You cannot miss it if you are brave enough and always seeking adventure.

Mulan Heaven Pool“Under the blue sky and white clouds, there are cattle and sheep flocks, the sweet song resounded through the valley" will be displayed to your eyes; a living screen "the people in the depth of Heaven Poll" will be shown, and bringing you into the nature, enjoy the residential life, enjoy the countryside style and all the beautiful things of this wonderful journey.

Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Area
Location: Shimen Town, Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Tickets: RMB 40
Opening time: 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Tel: 027-61518920
Take the bus from Wuhan Xinhua Road (xīn huá lù 新华路) long distance bus station to Da Wu, then get off in Huangpi Shimen town. It costs about 2 hours to take the local tricycle to Mulan Heaven Pool.

1. Bring along the medicine box in case of the accident occurred.
2. No need to bring a lot of clothes, but must be complete and with different features –which can adapt to the season and convenient for photograph shooting.
3. Take the meals in those small or old and famous shops with local characteristics; we o­nly can enjoy the original local flavor there. Go to the local farmer's market, where you can buy not o­nly affordable things, but also can impress you the local customs and the public profile.
4. Make a plan before visiting, and prepare the maps, the time schedules of train or ship and other necessaries.