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Home Practical Chinese Daily Figurative Slangs (56)
Daily Figurative Slangs (56)
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Chinese slangs

A 保护伞
someone or some power that can provide special protection like an umbrella.

【发音】bǎo hù sǎn

            This phrase, in a sarcastic way, compares someone or some power to an umbrella that can protect certain people or organizations.

           This is in sharp contrast with the abuse of powers widespread in many parts of the world, where protective umbrellas enabled some public figures to exploit their positions for personal gains, instead of working for the common good of the people under their care.

           Some enterprises were under local protectionism.

B 爆冷门

Chinese slangsHave unexpected result. A dark horse bobs up.

【发音】bà lěng mén

            Something or someone suddenly catches people’s attention in a neglected field or a week player gets good results or becomes winner unexpectedly in a contest.

           The football game was won by a sleeper, an unknown new player.

           Jim is a dark horse in the final.


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