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Home Travel in Hubei Jiuwan Stream
Jiuwan Stream

          Jiuwan Stream
Jiuwan Stream
(jiǔwǎnxī 九畹溪) is situated at south bank of Xiling Gorge (xīlíngxiá 西陵峡), west of the new county of Zigui (zǐguī 秭归), 20 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Dam (sānxiádàbà 三峡大坝). With the length of 42.3 kilometers, it covers the area of 514.5 square kilometers. The average depth of the Jiuwan Stream is 0.8 meters, and the width of it ranges from 40 to 710 meters. It is sparely populated at the bank of the Jiuwan Stream, and the environment is very pleasant. It was once the place where the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan (qūyuán 屈原) used to give lectures and planted orchid. The Jiuwan Stream Scenic Area is famous for its fancy mountains, clear water, glanderous cliffs, odd stones and famous flowers. It is the top scenic area in Three Gorges Dam which offers exploration, relaxation and sightseeing.

Land Section
                     Grand Bridge of Jiuwan Stream
The amusement area of the Jiuwan Stream Scenic Area consists of the water section and land section. The land section starts from the Grand Bridge of Jiuwan Stream (jiǔwǎnxīdàqiáo 九畹溪大桥) and ends at Power Station of Jiuwan Stream (jiǔwǎnxīdiànzhàn 九畹溪电站). Along the section, there are 10 natural scenic spots including Fairy Mountain (xiānnǚshān 仙女山), Jie Qingzhong Land SlotValley (jièyà 界垭), Couple Peak (qínglǚfēng 情侣峰), Immortal Ox Spring (shéniúquán 神牛泉), General Rock (jiāngjūnyán 将军岩), Forfex Cliff (jiǎndāoyá 剪刀崖), and Monk Rock (héshàngyán 和尚岩) and so on. You can also see some cultural landscapes, which are close related to Quyuan named Wentianjian (wèntiānjiǎn 问天简, means "Asking God Stele"), Juyufang (jùyùfǎng 巨鱼坊, means "Huge Fish Rock"), Qiuzibei (qiúzìbēi 求字碑 means “Asking for Words”), Yanwotai (yànwōtái 砚窝台, means “ink stone”), and Ganoderma Rock (língzhīyán 灵芝岩) etc. There are also ancient hanging coffins (xuánguān 悬棺) that are valuable for scientific research. Ganxi Valley (gānxīgōu 干溪沟) is still well preserved. Qingzhong Land Slot (qīngzhōngdìfèng 青钟地缝), which is 800 meters long, is well-known for its uncanny workmanship in the world. Along the Jiuwan Stream, you can relax yourself with the simplicity and original natural sightseeing.

Water Section
Jiuwan StreamThe long and beautiful brook, with the length of 13.2 kilometers, is divided into two parts for drifting.

On the first part, two persons can share a boat drifting down the torrent. Drifting down the Jiuwanxi Brook, you can experience the flying of the boat. So the Jiuwanxi Brook is called “the first driftage in the Three Gorges region” by Chinese and foreign tourists.

And on the second part, people can take a sightseeing boat to run across the Jiuwan valley. There are 48 peaks in an infinite variety of forms on the banks covered by more than 100 kinds of plants. On the boat, with the fresh air you can enjoy some startling sights, such as Bifeng Stone (bǐfēngshí 笔峰石), Wangfu Stone (wàngfūshí 望夫石). You also can enjoy the towering old trees on the banks.

Jiuwan Stream Scenic Area
Jiuwan StreamLocation: west of Zigui County, Yichang City, Hubei Province
Tickets: RMB 165 at the week day, and RMB 185 at the weekend and vacation
Opening time: all day

Jiuwanxi is located in.There are bus to Maoping in Yichang bus station, it’s about 70 kilometers there, and will take you one and half hours for 15 RMB. And then change for drifting area there.

1. Tips for drifting: The thrilling drift is o­nly for the young visitors of 14—55 year-old. For the children of 7---14 year-old, the proffessional sailors can help them there, but the relevant procedures are required.
2. Local specialties: Jiuwan orange, Jiuwan tea, Jiuwan stone, Jiuwan orchid

Nearby Attractions: Three Gorges, Qingjiang River