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China Three Gorges Museum

The Front Shot of  China Three Gorges Museum

China Three Gorges Museum is situated at the west part of the People's Square of Chongqing. Occupying the area of 30,000 square meters, the museum was completed and opened to the public on Jun 18, 2005 with the construction area of 42,500 square meters. It was the first large museum with the title of " China " named by the State Council Office of the People's Republic of China beyond Beijing. The museum faces the Chongqing People's Great Hall with the People Square in between forming a "trinity", both symbolic architectural features in the city of Chongqing.

The Whole View of China Three Gorges MuseumThe museum is a part of the huge project of the Three Gorges Dam, where there are 1087 relic sites will be submerged in water. China's 68 scientific institutions have been excavating and researching the sites in the Three Gorges area for ten years. They have successfully completed 338 archeological projects and made a lot of discoveries. All the invaluable relics are carefully moved to the exhibition halls in the Three Gorges Museum. The staffs in the museum compiled and categorized these archeological discoveries, and then made volumes of catalogue for the convenience of scientific research and easy access to the general public.

The Roof of China Three Gorges MuseumChina Three Gorges Museum in Chongqing is not only the largest monographic museum,but is also a public to protect, research, display of the history of Chongqing and the Three Gorges area of cultural heritage material and human environment. It is to carry forward and cultivate the national spirit of the important cultural infrastructure.


                                                                                                                                     The Close Shot of China Three Gorges MuseumChina Three Gorges Museum has another name - Chongqing Museum. It's not only a specified museum of Three Gorges but also a comprehensive museum of history and art, a collection of over 170,000 pieces of cultural relics. Entering the Museum, Adopting modern techniques by integrating sound, light and electricity, the museum enables people to understand the culture and history in a more interactive way.


Scale Model of Boat
The Sculpture of Boat Tracker
View of Modern Chongqing
Mini Chongqing
you could watch four basic presentation:
"The Splendid Three Gorges"-reflecting the history and culture of the Three Gorges       "Far-Ancient Ba Yu (bā yú 巴渝)"- introducing the origin and development of the chongqing history
"The Urban Development of Chongqing"-stating the transitional process of Chongqing in 20th century
"Anti-Japanese Days " - telling the stories occurred in Anti - Japanese period
Moreover,there are other six specialized exhibitions:
"Paintings and Calligraphies in Different Historical Periods ", "The Currencies in Different Periods of Chia", "the Sculpture in Han Dynasty (hàn dài 汉代)", "Cultural Relics Donated by Mr.Li Chuli (lǐ chū lí 李初梨)", "Minority Nationality Custom in Southwest China ", "Ceramics in Different Periods of China " . 


altIn the ground floor focuses on the Three Gorges Dam Project, you’ll find an impressive “cinepanorama” of the Three Gorges section of the Yangzi with shows at 10, 11 am, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 pm, as well as a model of the dam complete with shiplocks, lifts and lights.

Another important exhibit is the Semi-Scene Picture of"Big Bombing in Chongqing" which represents the five years'continuing bombing in Chongqing as the temporary capital during World War II. The saddened scenes remind us of the mournful history while arousing people's love of peace and life.
Round - Screen Cinema of Three Gorges There is also a Round - Screen cinema of Three Gorges that mainly shows the natural and social sceneries of Three Gorges prior to the construction of the dam project, to exist as a reminder of the past. For those who want to recall the 'good old days', it is the best place to go. The museum also equips an International Academic Hall, an Audience Acitivities Center and 3 temporary Exhibition Halls that enriching the functions for society service.

Exterior of  China Three Gorges Museum
The Chinese Name of China Three Gorges Museum
Inner Look of China Three Gorges Museum
Leaving the valued items and articles aside, the building itself forms a striking sight, which deserves appreciating. The building in a whole takes on an arc form of a traditional dam. The sandstone walls represent mountains and the huge blue veil wall represents water, which fully reveal the features of Chongqing - a city with mountains and water. The Chinese name of the museum is stamped in the upper right-hand corner, which is not usually seen in other places. The exterior of the museum has cambered walls and vitreous dome, representing the historical culture of Three Gorges project and its origins. In addition, there are large-scale reliefs, bronze sculptures and an 'Ecological Corridor' that is one kilometer in length (about 1,094 yards).

Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum appeals to visitors from all over the world by its special culture, advanced high-tech and unique management. It has been an important platform of cultural exchanges of Three Gorges area.

:023-63679063, 023-63869867
Location : Renmin Road
Bus Route : You can go there by bus 105, 117, 122, 181, 215, 262, 421, 862, 868
Ticket : It has been free since Mar. 26 th. 2008. But the tourists also need to receive tickets to visit the museum, one person for at most 2 tickets. The population of the tourists every day is controlled at less than 3000 . The free exhibition halls are Ancient Bayu, the money of previous dynasties, glorious three gorges etc.
Opening Hour : 9:00 to 17:00, everyday except Monday.
Tips : Big luggages should be stored. Group bookings need to be advanced.                          Attranction nearby : People’s Great Hall