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Tang Tricolor Pottery
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               Tang Tricolor Pottery
Tang Tricolor Pottery
(táng sān cǎi 唐三彩), also called Tang Sancai, is a kind of handmade glazed ware of exquisite craftsmanship created in the Northern and Southern Dynasty (nán běi cháo 南北朝, 386-589) about 1,400 years ago. During the Tang Dynasty (táng cháo 唐朝, 618-907), the production of Tang San Cai reached its peak, which is part of the reason the pottery got the name of Tang San Cai. It well reflects the high standards of ceramic art as well as the magnificent and luxurious lifestyle of Tang Dynasty society. It is known for its vivid design, flamboyant color and luster, and rich life ambiance. Luoyang (luò yáng 洛阳), named the eastern capital in ancient times, in Henan Province was the home of Tang San Cai, and most of unearthed Tang San Cai was found in Luoyang.

Tang Tricolor Pottery Tang San Cai is a polychrome handicraft with yellow, green, and white as its major tones. It is fired with lead glaze and presents a harmonious complex of varied colors, deep and light. The process is complicated: first, bake the ready mode in kilns until the temperature reaches 1,100oC, then take it out and apply glaze on it; bake it again in kilns at a temperature of about 900°C.

Tang San Cai items that have been unearthed include horses, humans, and even pillows, and camels, of which the pottery camel is one of the best. Its head rises high, as if telling stories about merchant caravans along the Silk Road in the remote past and the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty.    

Tang Tricolor Pottery Being the gem of ancient Chinese art, Tang San Cai absorbed the advantages of Chinese painting, sculpture and stone carving. It features fleshy figures, regular and exquisite technics, compact carving traces, and smooth lines, indicating the high-level of the craft reached in the Tang Dynasty. Tang San Cai is mainly divided into pottery tomb-figures and daily commodities.

After the founding of new China, specialized institutions have been set up to study the technics of making Tang San Cai, which has boosted the development of the craft. At present, Luoyang Tang San Cai is exporting to more than 50 countries and regions in the world.

Tang Tricolor Pottery       唐三彩是一种盛行于唐代的陶器,以黄、白、绿为基本釉色,后来人们习惯地把这类陶器称为“唐三彩”。唐代是中国封建社会的鼎盛时期,经济上繁荣兴盛,文化艺术上群芳争艳,唐三彩就是这一时期产生的一种彩陶工艺品,它以造型生动逼真、色泽艳丽和富有生活气息而著称。唐三彩的诞生已有1300多年的历史了,它吸取了中国国画、雕塑等工艺美术的特点,采用堆贴、刻画等形式的装饰图案,线条粗犷有力。


Tang Tricolor Pottery   唐三彩种类很多人物、动物、碗盘、水器、酒器、文具、家具、房屋,甚至装骨灰的壶坛等等。大致上较为人喜爱的是马俑,有的扬足飞奔,有的徘徊伫立,有的引颈嘶鸣,均表现出栩栩如生的各种姿态。最具代表性的是三彩胡人牵骆驼俑,现藏故宫博物院。至于人物造型有妇女、文官、武将、胡俑、天王,根据人物的社会地位和等级,刻画出不同的性格和特征;贵妇面部丰圆,梳成各式发髻,穿着色彩鲜艳的服装,文官彬彬有礼,武士刚烈勇猛,胡俑高鼻深目、天王怒目威武、雄壮气概,足为我国古代雕塑的典范精品!


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