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Chengxiang Ge Temple
Travel in Shanghai

 Chengxiang Ge

Chengxiang Ge (chén xiāng gé 沉香阁) Temple, also called Ci Yun Si (cí yún chán sì 慈云禅寺) located in Shanghai Old Town, is the most famous Buddhist nunnery (bǐ qiū ní 比丘尼) in Shanghai. The temple was originally built in 1600, the Wanli reign of the Ming Dynasty. It's famous for its statue of Kwan-yin, the Goddess of Mercy in China. The Kwan-yin (guān yīn 观音) statue was carved from chenxiang wood (chén xiāng mù 沉香木 sandal wood), so the temple was named.

altIt has came through many difficulties over the hundreds of years, as the war and disaster. During the Cultural Revolution (wén huà dà gé mìng 文化大革命), the temple was occupied by a factory. However, Chengxiang Ge Temple now becomes a well-known tourist destination.

Admission Fee: ¥5
Tel: 021-63287884
Opening Hours: 5:00-17:00
Address: Chenxiangge Lu (chén xiāng gé lù 沉香阁路) 29, Shanghai
Public Transportation: You can take bus No.932, 569, 801, 920, 926, 930, 66, 929 to get there.

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