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Home Chinese Idiom 天花乱坠 (tiān huā luàn zhuì)
天花乱坠 (tiān huā luàn zhuì)
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In the Southern and Northern Dynasties (nán běi cháo 南北朝,420-589 AD),Liang Wudi (liáng wǔ dì 梁武帝),the ruler of Liang Dynasty (liáng cháo 梁朝) had a strong belief in Buddhism,therefore,he exerted himself to propagandize this religon.

At that time,there was a monk called Master Yun Guang (yún guāng dà shī 云光法师) who was a very accomplished preacher. Once he explained the sutra so proformdly and subtly that the God of Flowers was moved and sent divine flowers down to earth. Soon the land was covered with flowers.

This idiom was later used metaphorically to describe talking in a vivid and eloquent way,mostly in an exaggerated and impartical manner.



天花乱坠 (tiān huā luàn zhuì)
【翻译】As If it were Raining Flowers.


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