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People's Square
Travel in Shanghai

 People's Square

People's Square (rén mín guǎng chǎng 人民广场) is a large public square just off Nanjing Road (nán jīng lù 南京路) in the Huangpu District (huáng pǔ qǖ 黄浦区) of Shanghai, China. People's Square is the site of Shanghai's municipal government building, and is used as the standard reference point for measurement of distance in the Shanghai municipality.

People's Square is a vast public square surrounded by government buildings. Truly an urban park, it features manicured greenery and, at its heart, the architecturally impressive Shanghai Museum . Other features include a 320-square-meter water fountain, subway station and an underground shopping mall. Because the square attracts many people, it makes an ideal venue for people watching.

Prior to 1949, People's Square was a part of the horseracing course of Shanghai. After gambling and horseracing were banned by the new Communist government, a part of the race course became the People's Square, which included a large avenue and spectator stands for use during parades.


In the 1990s, major changes were made to the square. The Shanghai Municipal Government was moved from the former HSBC Building, and the Shanghai Museum was also moved away from its previous site in a former office building. More recent additions include the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.

Other parts of the race course still remain today. The clubhouse buildings became the Shanghai Art Museum, while part of the race track became People's Park, a public park.

Prominent landmarks on and around the square include:
JW Marriott, Shanghai
Shanghai City Hall
Shanghai Grand Theatre
Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Art Museum
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
People's Park
Nanjing Road - Famous Shopping Road


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Address: Nanjing Road (nán jīng lù 南京路) in the Huangpu District (huáng pǔ qǖ 黄浦区) of Shanghai
Public Transportation: You can take Metro Line 1, Line 2 or Line 8 to People's Square station.


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