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Home Chinese Idiom 天涯海角 (tiān yá hǎi jiǎo)
天涯海角 (tiān yá hǎi jiǎo)
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The “edge of heaven and the corner of the sea” both refer to the remotest place. Hainan Island, located in the southernmost part of China, was considered the remotest place in ancient times. Su Shi, a famous poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, was exiled there in his later years. It is said that the two characters "Tian ya" (tiān yá 天涯) on a huge rock on the southernmost tip of the island were written by Su Shi.
This idiom refers to the remotest places or a very long distance between two people.


天涯海角 (tiān yá hǎi jiǎo)
【翻译】The end of the sky and the corner of the sea.

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