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Home Chinese Idiom 手不释卷 (shǒu bù shì juàn)
手不释卷 (shǒu bù shì juàn)
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Lü Meng (lǚ méng 吕蒙) was a meritorious general of the State of Wu during the Three Kingdoms Period (sān guó 三国时代,220-280AD). He came from a poor family and had not the chance to go to school when he was young. When he became a general, the duke of Wu encouraged him to read some books. Lü Meng took his advice, and stared to study hard. Even when he was marching or fighting, he would find time to study. There was always a book in his hand. Finally, Lü Meng became a learned general.
This idiom is used to describe being diligent in study.


手不释卷 (shǒu bù shì juàn)
【翻 译】Always with a book in hand.
【释 义】释:放下;卷:指书籍。书本不离手。形容勤奋好学。
【例 句】他是个书呆子,整天手不释卷。


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