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Home Chinese Idiom 天衣无缝 (tiān yī wú fèng)
天衣无缝 (tiān yī wú fèng)
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tian yi wu feng

There was a man called Guo Han (guó hàn 郭翰) in the Tang Dynasty (táng cháo 唐朝,618-907AD). One summer night, when the moon was very bright, he suddenly saw a girl descending slowly from the sky. He observed the girl closely, ans found that the dress she was wearing was seamless. He was puzzled, and asked why. The girl answered, “Heavenly clothes are not sewn with needle and thread.”
This idiom is used metaphorically to indicate the flawless handling of things. It can also be used to indicate perfectly written poem or other literary article.

“天衣无缝”这个成语用来比喻处理事情十分周密, 不露一点痕迹。也比喻诗文写得很精辟,找不出一点毛病。

天衣无缝 (tiān yī wú fèng)
【翻译】Turning pale at the mention of a tiger.

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