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Foreigners in China
When she was 36-year-old, she first came to Beijing from Sweden to study Chinese. In the quadrangle of Beijing, her Chinese dream comes true. During the Six years in China, she has published two Chinese books "REDISCOVERING CHINA" "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE ", which are familiar to many Chinese readers. She is a foreigner, but speaks Chinese fluently and writes books in Chinese from her unique understanding of China. Her name is Li Lin (Catarina Lilliehook).

Li Lin's father is an absolute "Chinese fan". Under her father's influence, Li Lin has been interested in Chinese culture since her childhood. After Growing up, she has traveled in many countries. When she set foot on the land of China, she was deeply attracted by the traditional culture and the long history of China. Living in China, Li always has to answer a variety of questions since different people ask her different questions. Whoever asks her, one question is undoubted: "Why do you come to China?" For Li has a complicated understanding of china from many perspectives, after some time of thinking, she has chosen this answer - "interesting", "China is very interesting."

Being in China for these years, Li Lin often finds that some things she should pay attention to is viewed as the slightest by Chinese people. For instance, she says: " if one feels hungry in the street, he can easily buy baked sweet potatoes in the roadside; Sometimes, when one suddenly encounters problems and needs help, certainly there will be different kinds of people to reach out and help him. Moreover it just only needs face-to-face discussions for solving problems. For this I am always in thinking and so enjoying such casual life, because in my country it is not likely to see this. Therefore, such simple things make people feel very comfortable. "

In "REDISCOVERING CHINA" Li Lin has taken down these words: I really like to lounge in the street and look around, even more to be keen on discovering. I am tempted into those ancient narrow streets, where I am full of memories and imaginations. With boundless curiosity, I am looking at the next corner that is waiting for me, wondering that there will be an elder door with squeaking, an old lady doing her dinner and a group of children playing and chasing in the yard.

Having moved to China, Li Lin and her husband gradually have adapted to all of Chinese habits. After one year in china, Li left the luxury apartment, and moved into quadrangle in Beijing alley. She says: "for a foreigner, it is not easy to live in quadrangles. When you meet problems, you can not call counters to help you, but only rely on yourself. However, it is very interesting living in the quadrangle and I have learned a lot of things. Meanwhile there are more opportunities for me to assimilate into the Chinese society. No foreigners here, my neighbors are Chinese people."

Li Lin continuously keeps on paying attention to the differences between Eastern and western culture. She always talks some interesting stories with her Chinese teachers. Less than three years in China, she has decided to write a book. And then she is determined to use Chinese. That is "REDISCOVERING CHINA".

Li Lin says: "China is very attractive in the world and so many people are eyeing on China’s changing. In the West there are many books writing about China, but in China the books of introducing foreign countries are relatively far less. Mutual understanding is related with two sides, so it is useless to only introduce one side, and information of Chinese people understanding Westerners should also be prepared, through which we can all understand cultural differences of each other."

    36岁时她第一次从瑞典到北京,学习汉语;在北京的四合院里圆了中国梦;来华六年,她出版了中文著作《金发碧眼看中国》、《万事皆可能》,从而为很多中国读者熟知;她是一个外国人,但中国话说得很溜,不仅如此,她还将对中国的独特理解集结成中文书。她的名字叫李琳(Catarina Lilliehook)。

    李琳的父亲是一个十足的“中国迷”。受到父亲的影响,李琳从小就对中国文化很感兴趣。长大后,她曾经去过许多国家旅行,但是当她踏上中国的土地时,便被这里深厚的传统文化和悠久的历史所吸引。在中国生活的每一天,李琳都会被人们问到各种各样的问题。问的人不一样,问题也五花八门,什么都有。但无论是谁,有一个问题是他们必问无疑的,那就是“你为什么来中国?” 李琳对“中国”的理解是复杂的、多方面的。她经过一段时间的思考之后,选择了这样的回答 ——“中国有意思”,“中国非常有意思”。







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