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Like, Because It Is Quite Different from Others
Foreigners in China
Two 20-years-old lovely Japanese girls, walked to me quietly. Judging by Jin Cheng's sexy eye-shadow, I deemed that they were Korean students. But when they couldn't understand what I said and began to whisper to each other in Japanese, my favorite scene in the film “Love Letter “edited by Yanjingjuner -- the leading actress said “meximexi” when she answered the phone -- appeared before me immediately. Shen Ze is very thin and answered most of my questions. Though Jin Cheng's sexy look glittered, she is introvert. We are all easterners, yet their looks, their gestures and even the hesitation in their talk mark that they are different from the numerous girls I knew -- they are Japanese girls.

Both Shen Ze and Jin Cheng come from Qian Ye of Japan, from the same university and the same department. They are good friends, so come to China to study together. Their reason to come to China, for one hand, is they major in Chinese; for another, is their long-term desire to come here. They told me Chinese was very difficult to learn, and their three months stay here was busy studying. I was curious why Chinese was so difficult? They answered me in one voice -- pronunciation. :) "Just because Chinese is difficult to pronounce, we must come to China to correct our mispronunciation,” Shen Ze said very seriously. I was surprised by their answer, as they speak very fluent Chinese. They smiled joyfully when I told them like this.

Next month they will end their study here, go back Japan and continue their study. However, they are still happy about this short study abroad experience at their own expenses. "For we have come to Beijing, come to China, that sounds so remote and different despite it is just locates beyond the ocean.” “China is very mysterious, with such a long history and such plenty of minority groups, and its economy develops so fast."

Escaping from their busyness in the 3 months, they went to Xi'an. "En, I don't like there very much," Jin Cheng said in a complicated expression. I looked at Shen Ze doubtly, and she also couldn't tell why. "But why do you like Beijing?" I asked. “Because it is quiet different from others ", Shen Ze said," Comparing with other cities in China, with our hometown, it make us feel more that we are in China."

China, this word, perhaps they said it so solemnly, stimulates profounder significance and mission in the bottom of my heart, a real Chinese whose body is flowing with pure blood of Emperor Yan and Huang. Quiet different from others, thinking of these words and looking at their photo, I can finally smile a release in my heart. Perhaps whatever the past is, if we are willing to change, nothing is impossible.(By noyvonne)







      中国,这两个字,可能因为从她们口里这么郑重地说出来,在我这个流淌着纯正炎黄子孙血液的中国人心里,忽然激起了更深刻的意义和使命。与众不同,念着这几个字,看着她们的照片,我对她们隔海相望的祖国,在内心深处终于可以释然一笑。或许不论过去如何,如果我们愿意,一切都可以改变。(By noyvonne)


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