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Home History and Culture Little Things in Old Beijing (2)
Little Things in Old Beijing (2)
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It is first originate from totem in the old times and gradually changed into opera facial make up. In the Tang Dynasty, when performers were dancing and singing, they used to wear a facial mask. Later, they gave up the masks and painted the designs in masks directly into face. A distinguishing feature of this art is that it shows people's character and status according to different colors. For example, red represents loyal and yellow means brutality.

Facial art enjoys great popularity in China. Now you can see this art not only in opera shows, but also in paintings, ceramics, eggs, stamps etc.

Tiger-head-pillow is one kind of folk embroidery. The shape of this pillow is like tigers with different designs, for example, two-heads tigers, tigers with human's face or with fish's tail.

In Chinese old saying, tiger is the king of all animals in forests. When babies are 1 years old, their aunts should make tiger-head-pillow for them to bless them safety and peace.


In the folk, the make-up of tiger-head-pillow is very elegant. Some are embroidered by red silks some are blue, or yellow. And the tiger head is also with different kinds. Some like dragon some like lion, living and colorful.

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