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Home Shopping & Leisure Shanghai Pet Market 上海花鸟鱼市场
Shanghai Pet Market 上海花鸟鱼市场
Shopping & Leisure

If you're looking for a pet to kill your spare time, I will recommend some pet shops in Shanghai (shàng hǎi 上海) to you, which are the Shanghai Naughty Family Pet Company, located at No. 2293 Hongqiao Road (hóng qiáo lù 红桥路), near Chenjiaqiao (chén jiā qiáo 陈家桥) phone: 6268-7400), is the oldest pet shop in Shanghai. The shop specializes in dogs; among the many breeds we spotted were Toy Poodles, Japanese Spitz, Chihuahua, Schnauzer, Shihtzu andPekinese.

The Shanghai Pet Market, at No. 5 Caodongsan Road, near Caoxi Park (cáo xī gōng yuán 曹溪公园) in Xuhui District (xú huì qū 徐汇区)(phone: 6482-0158), is the best choice if you're not looking to overspend, as it offers dogs, cats and birds at a lower price. It's one of the cleanest, but still a typical Chinese market, so be sure to trust only your own eyes and judgment. Some shop keepers won't hesitate to try and cheat you with a sickly pet, always reassuring you that "this is a special pure breed." Don't believe them, and do some research to find out what a fair price is for the pet you're looking for. If you think it's too high, better start unpacking your best bargaining skills.

If you want a well-trained dog, the Jialiang K-9 Kennels Shanghai specializes in breeding, training and selling dogs. They've got two addresses, one in Puxi, called Vanke Branch. Its location is No. 3333 Qixin Road, at the exit Gate of Vanke City Garden (phone: 6419-1804) The Pudong shop is at No. 1858 Sanlu Road, in Minghang District.

Jiangyin Pet Market 江阴花鸟市场
Add: Shanghai huangpu district,close to Renmin Square.Take No. 1 subway or take No.112, 123, 145.

Lanling Pet Market 岚灵花鸟市场
Add: Lingshir Rd,take No. 112, 932

West worker club Pet Market 西工人文化宫花鸟市场
Add: Close to Wuning Carryfour supermarket.Take No. 36, 44, 923, 63, 62, 562 arrive atSuanquan Road or take MRT arrive at Caoyang Rd.

Qinzhou Fish Market 钦州路鱼市
Add: No. 639, Qinzhou Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Take No.1  subway arrive at Tianlin Rd and walk about 10 minutes.

Benxi Rd Fish Market 本溪路鱼市
Add: Located at Jiangpu Rd,Yangpu District.Take No. 123, 145, 14 to get there.

Jiangong Fish Market 建工水族市场
Take No. 787, 791, 772 to get there.

Hutai Rd Pet Market 沪太路花鸟市场
Add: No. 1010, Hutai Rd. Take No. 702, 710, 58, 845, 529, 767.


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