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Home Shopping & Leisure Beiing Pet Market 北京花鸟鱼市场
Beiing Pet Market 北京花鸟鱼市场
Shopping & Leisure

Beijing has a wide range of market.In the following, I will take you around Beijing Pet Market.

Guan Yuan Pet Market 官园花鸟鱼市场
People living in Beijing may find this market a good place to pick up a cheap but adorable pet to join their family. The shop and stall holders are warm and welcome every people even if you are not interested in buying. There are many stalls both inside and outside the market. altThere is even the chance to sit down and enjoy a wonderful time.There are all kinds of pets, like turtles, terrapins, fish, budgerigars, parrots, doves, rabbits, chinchillas, cats, kittens, mice, hamsters, iguanas and dragon lizards. Insects like crickets are very popular and widely available. During winter, apart from live maggots, these were the only insects available.
To accompany the pets you will find a wide range of accessories available to either make your pet's life more comfortable or to entertain them. Pet food and pet medicines can also be purchased.
If you are not much interested in pets, don't despair. There is quite a range of other merchandise also offered for sale.

Tobacco and pipes

altFor the smoker there is an impressive selection of smoking pipes in a range of shapes, lengths, materials and colours. Already own a pipe? Why not check out the variety of what appears to be unprocessed tobacco for sale! There are many large bags of various tobaccos just waiting to be enjoyed by those who enjoy a pipe or rolling their own cigarettes.

Jewelry & Chinese shoes

Jewelry is another widely sold item you may stumble across in this market once you venture inside. Jade and other semi-precious stones can be found either made up as bracelets, necklaces or available singularly.
Traditional Chinese shoes and slippers can also be purchased. Slippers come in a wide range of ornate traditional patterns. At the same time the simple black and white slip on shoes from Mao's era can be found and purchased at very cheap prices.

altFishing tackle
For the fishermen there are many shops inside the market selling fishing tackle.
Address: Fuchengmen Bridge (fù chéng mén qiáo 阜城门桥), 2nd Ring Road .To access Guan Yuan Shi Chang by subway, take the train to Fucheng subway station, exit B and turn 180 degrees before walking along Fuchengmen Beidajie (fù chéng mén běi dà jiē 阜成门北大街), on the east side of the west 2nd Ring Road. The market is about 100 metres along to your left where you see a car park and stalls beyond the car park.
Bus: Take No. 939, 618, 387, 691, 743, 685, 604, T4 and get off at CheGongZhuang South
Laitai Flower Market 莱太花卉商城  
China's biggest botanical warehouse is a delight to walk through and could be the most greenery you’ll see while you’re here. Row after row of colourful orchids, peonies, bonsai trees, cacti, Chinese roses, lotus flowers and burgeoning green plants are complemented by the tropical fish shops on the market’s periphery. It’s a good bet that most foreigners in Beijing are at least looking to improve the air quality in their own homes by purchasing a few fresh plants. Laitai flower market is your one-stop shop for all things green. There is a huge selection of plants, from small succulents and potted herbs to plants almost as big as a tree. Naturally all of the related botanical paraphernalia is available at the market, such as gardening tools, watering cans, insecticide and fertilizers.

altLaitai Flower Market is composed of the fake flower sale building and the fresh potted flower sale hall. The underground floor of the fake flower building has modern porcelain, lamps, carpets, straw and cane products, eating utensils, stone carvings and some small handicrafts.
Laitai Flower Market's first floor deals in various kinds of fake flowers in many shapes, colors and designs.
From here walk through to the fresh potted flower and plant hall where you will find a healthy array of flowers and plants of all varieties. Particularly striking are the many kinds of orchids found thriving in the warm greenhouse conditions of the market.
If you are a fish enthusiast, don't pass up the fish stalls along the side of the flower and plant hall. There are all types of fish foods and enough bits and pieces to decorate any aquarium to make it appear like the Great Barrier Reef.
Liangma flower market, which is close to Laitai, is a smaller option offering a wonderful selection of freshly cut flowers.

Address: 9 West Maizidian Road, Chaoyang district (北京市朝阳区麦子店西路9号)
Opening: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Mon.- Fri.)
              9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. (Sat. & Sun.)
Bus: 416, 405, 707, 682, Te 3, to Laitai Flower Market Stop.
Taxi: Laitai Shichang or Nu'er Ren Jie.
If you can't speak Chinese and you want to go Laitai flower market, try these characters 莱太花卉总店, or show the following map to the taxi driver.


altShilihe Pet Market 十里河花鸟市场
Opening hours:
8:00 a.m.-- 5:30 p.m.
Add: Shilihe Bridge North (十里河桥北), East 3rd Road, Chaoyang District.
1.Take No. 852,a rrive at Shilihe station, turn east and go forward around 150 meters, turn south and go 90 meters (乘坐852,抵达十里河站后,向东150米,向南90米).
2.Take No. 300, arrive at Shilihe North station, turn east and go forward around 150 meters, turn south and go 130 meters (乘坐300外环、300快车外环,抵达十里河桥北站后,向东150米,向南130米).
3.Take No. 28, 378, 986, 638, 439, arrive at Shilihe East station,turn east and go forward around 60 meters,turn south and go 40 meters(乘坐28、378、986、638、439,抵达十里河桥东站后,向东60米,向南40米).
4.Take No. 973, arrive at Shilihe station, arrive at Huawei Bridge South, turn east and go forward around 60 meters, turn south and go 190 meters (乘坐973,抵达华威桥南站后,向东60米,向南190米).
5.Take No.976, arrive at Shilihe stop, turn east and go forward around 150 meters, turn south and go 100 meters (乘坐976、976区间,抵达十里河桥站后,向东150米,向南100米).
alt6.Take No. 730, arrive at Zuoan East Rd station, turn east and go forward around 140 meters, turn south and go 150 meters (乘坐730外环, 抵达左安东路站后, 向东140米, 向南150米).
7.Take No.T8, 53, arrive at Shilihe Bridge South Station,turn east and go forward around 60 meters,turn south and go 180 meters (乘坐特8外环、53,抵达十里河桥南站后,向东60米,向南180米).

Yuquan Road pet market 玉泉路花鸟鱼虫市场
You can go there by MTR, and get off at Yuquan Road subway station or Take No. 958, 959, 751, 308 arrive at Yuquan Road Station. At the first crossroads of the west 100 meters..

Nan Ding Village pet market 南顶村花鸟市场
Muxiyuan Bridge, South 3rd Ring Road.

Tongzhou District pet market 通州区鸟市
At west of Dazhong Mall.

Muxiyuan pet market 木樨园花鸟市场
At south of Muxiyuan Bridge, inside north 4th Ring Road.

altYazi Bridge pet market 鸭子桥花鸟市场
You can take No.721 bus at BJ west railway station, get off at Yazi Bridge.

Tianning Temple pet market 天宁寺花鸟市场
Take No.40 bus at west railway station, get off at Guang’an men North station.

Bei Sha Tan pet market 北沙滩花鸟市场
Take bus to Bei Sha Tan overpass and you will find it. Only opening on Sunday.

Nan Sha Tan pet market 南沙滩鸟市
At North Jian Xiang Bridge.

Mentougou District pet market 门头沟鸟市
Take No. 370, 645, 929, 931, 992, 981, Yuntong101 arrive at Houzhuangzi (侯庄子).
Only open at Sunday

Changping pet market 昌平鸟市
---At Gao Li Ying (高丽营) ,Take bus get to Da Liu Shu Huandao (大柳树环岛).
Opening on Saturday
alt---At Dingfuhuangzhuang Bridge (定福黄庄桥),Take No. 22 bus at Shahe (沙河) or Lishuiqiao (立水桥).
Opening on Saturday
---At Shahe Bridge (沙河大桥),take No. 919, 345 arrive at Shahe (沙河).

Nan Tou pet market 南头花鸟市场
In the south of Tian’anmen Square, take No. 110 bus and get off at Nan Tou station, go forward about 20 meters.


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