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Home Chinese Cuisine A full , formal banquet , combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies (满汉全席)
A full , formal banquet , combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies (满汉全席)
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altA full , formal banquet , combining Manchurian and Chinese delicacies a collection of China's Manchu and Han banquet catering giant characteristics, originated in the Qing court, the original for the 66-year-old birthday of Emperor Kangxi of the feast, designed to defuse the Man does not and, later followed this tradition, adding a delicacy, very luxurious. Feast of the Qing Dynasty also includes pro-Mongolia fan feast, feast Tingchen, million birthday feast, feast Minds 1000, nine white feast.

altSome recipes:
Coloured Glaze Pearl,Stir-fried Fish Slices,Peach-Shaped Birthday Cake,Water Lily Crisp,Braised Fresh Mushroom with Balsam,Panda Tasting Bamboo,Gold Thread Porridge,Chestnut Cake,“Chinese Golden Coin”Spin,Golden Cake,Mushroom Consommé with Eggs,Deep-fried Boiled Rabbit Meat,Sweet-scented Osmanthus and Dry Scallop,Rabbit Meat with Hot Pepper and Peanuts,Fangshan Cake,Phoenix Spreading the Wings,Braised Shark’Fin Like Phoenix Tail,Lotus Prawn,Four-Delicacies Soup,Mandarin Duck Thin Milk,Imperial Pea Purée,Yulong Chaffy Dish,Dragon Phoenix Heartthrob,French Bean Gold Fish,White Fungus with Pigeon Egg,Crispy Fried Duck,Banana Cake,Date Cake,White Fungus,Fried Chicken Legs,Sesame Roll,Stir-fried Prawn,Fried Bork Fillet,Curry Cauliflower,Braised Sliced Duck with Bean Sprouts.



琉璃珠玑,抓炒鱼片,百寿桃,荷花酥,油焖鲜蘑,熊猫品竹,金丝烧麦,栗子糕,金钱吐丝,金糕鸡沾口蘑,虎皮兔肉,桂花干贝,宫保兔肉,仿膳饽饽, 凤凰展翅,凤尾群翅,芙蓉大虾,白扒四宝,鸳鸯簿乳,御膳豆黄,御龙火锅,龙凤柔情,芸豆金鱼,云片鸽蛋,鸳鸯酥盒,云河段霄,枣泥糕, 珍珠雪耳,炸鸡葫芦,芝麻卷,抓炒大虾,炒里脊,咖喱菜花,鸭丝掐菜。


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