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Beijing University of Chemical Technology
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Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) was founded in 1958 and is affiliated to the Ministry of Education. As one of China's key institutions of higher learning, BUCT has developed from an institution of scientific specialties to a comprehensive university with a core curriculum of science, economic management, languages and other liberal arts.

The university, covering an area of 64.4 hectares, is composed of three campuses. The main campus is conveniently located on the eastern section of the North Third Ring Road, southeast of the Asian Games Village, with a quiet and attractive environment. The west campus near the Shangri-La Hotel enjoys an advantageous location on the central section of the West Third Ring Road, and the north campus is near the Ming Tombs, a famous scenic spot.

北京化工大学是教育部直属的全国重点大学 ,国家 “ 211 工程 ” 重点建设院校。

经过近 50 年的建设,已经发展成为理科基础坚实,工科实力雄厚,文、法、管、经济学科富有特色的多科性重点大学,形成了从本科生教育到硕士研究生、博士研究生、博士后流动站以及留学生教育等多层次人才培养格局。

学校由 3 个校区组成,东校区位于北京北三环东路,交通便利;西校区坐落于北京紫竹院公园西侧,环境优雅;北校区在昌平区内,临近著名的十三陵风景区,景色宜人。学校总体占地面积 1116 亩,建筑面积约 60 万平方米。拥有现代化的图书馆、教学大楼、田径场、大学生活动中心和一批装备先进的教学、科研实验室。

学校设有化学工程学院、材料科学与工程学院、机电工程学院、信息科学与技术学院、理学院、经济管理学院、文法学院、生命科学与技术学院、职业技术学院、继续教育学院等 10 个学院, 22 个处(部、办), 5 个博士后流动站, 3 个一级学科博士点, 24 个二级学科博士点, 50 个硕士点, 42 个本科专业。

Programs and Application for Chinese Language Course

Teaching Program and Language Practice

Long-term Classes: six months or more
Timetable: The courses will be given from Monday to Friday, totaling about 20 class hours per week.
Class Division: The university offers various class levels for trainees including elementary, intermediate and advanced classes. An examination will be given to applicants after enrollment and students will be divided into different classes according to their Chinese levels. There will be fewer than 15 students in each class.

Curriculum Arrangement: The main courses are Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Listening, Newspaper Reading, Writing, Audio-visual, Introduction to China as well as a class for HSK instruction.

Language Practice for Long-term Students: Linguistic practice trips to scenic spots and places of historical interest around Beijing will be organized. There will be other gatherings and activities such as watching Peking opera and acrobatics. In order to further acquaint foreigners with Chinese culture, lectures on Chinese traditional music and painting are also available.

Short-term Classes: The training period varies from two weeks to eight weeks
Timetable: The courses will be given from Monday to Friday.
Curriculum Arrangement: The courses will be arranged according to demand.
Language Practice: The university will hold activities such as visiting local scenic spots and places of historical interest, cultural performances and shopping.

Opening of Each Term
Long-term classes: Early March and early September each year.
Short-term classes: According to demand.

Requirements for Application
Anyone who is interested in Chinese language and culture and is in good health can write to the Foreign Affairs Office, asking for an Application Form for Foreign Students to Study at BUCT.

How to Apply
Return the completed Application Form for Foreign Students to Study at BUCT and 6 passport photos to the Foreign Affairs Office of BUCT by mail, fax or in person. Applicants may ask for the Application Form from the Foreign Affairs Office of BUCT in advance.

An Admission Notice and a Visa Application Form for Overseas Students (Form JW202) will be sent to each successful applicant. Overseas applicants can apply for an X visa (for foreign students) to China at their local Chinese Embassy or Consulate with the Admission Notice, passport, Form JW202 and Physical Test Records (originals) required. Each student should register for the course at the Foreign Affairs Office of BUCT bringing the originals of the above documents with within the specified time.

Excellent students will be awarded 10% reduction in tuition fees for the following semester at the end of each semester.

Graduation and Completion of Studies
At the end of the course, certificates will be given by the university to participants whose academic performance is satisfactory.
Students who have not passed the final exams or are not able to take part in the final exams will be given a certificate indicating that they have studied in the university for the relevant period.

According to the regulations of the State Ministry of Education, applicants without medical insurance in their own countries need accident and injury insurance and hospitalization insurance in China (110 RMB per year).

Application Fee: RMB¥495 per person
Long-term Chinese Class: RMB¥8200 per person for the first term. From the second term RMB¥7800
for each term.
Short-term Chinese Class: The amount of tuition and the resulting fees will be determined by

Standard bedroom (with two beds, TV set, telephone, air conditioner, bathroom, washing
machine, kitchen ): RMB¥41.25 per bed per day

Boarding Expenses:
Students can eat on campus in the student dining halls, and their monthly expenses are approx.
RMB¥330~495 per person on average.

For more information, please contact:

The International Exchange and Cooperation Department
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
No. 15 Bei San Huan Dong Lu
Beijing, P.R. China 100029
Fax: 0086-10-64423610
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Zhao Jianya, Wang Yongsheng
Telephone: 0086-10-64434755


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