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Language Exchange Stories --- I found a truly amazing friend here!

Language Exchange --- I found a truly amazing friend here !
insect1010, Tokyo Japan and Louis, honan China
I started to learn Chinese last year and was looking for Chinese friends in ForeignerCN friends & language partners. One day, a person from Honan, China replied me and told me that she is a very busy person so she can't write regularly. Later on, she sent me some documents and asked me how to express things in Japanese and I was surprised by the high level of Japanese she was using and made me wonder what she does for a living. After awhile, she informed me that she was accepted to a doctoral progam in Japanese University and I learned that she was a working obstetrician and gynecologist....and I finally understood why she is such a busy person. In March, she came to Japan. She did not want to trouble me to pick her up at the airport and asked me to wait at her hotel. As I worried, she got lost in the big city and did not show up. I tried to think of all the possibilities of where she might be and kept trying to find her for 5 hours and finally found her in Ochanomizu train station. Though I have not even seen her photo I was so sure it was her! She was carrying 5 large blanket bags on a small luggage cart, bumped up against the staircase. The first sight of her was like this....a small lady picking up large bags that kept falling off from the cart one by one ... This scene reminded me of myself when I first came up from the countryside long long time ago, and I arrived at Ueno train station with my large luggage containing rice, and my brother launghed at me. I was also a country boy then, so I could not laugh. From the next day, she started to study Japanese really hard and also started going to the research lab.. She did not take any days off even on weekends or public holidays. I believe she will definitely complete her Ph.D. I suggested her to remain in Japan after her studyies and work as a gynecologist in Japan. She asked me how to work in Japan and now it seems she is interested in doing so. She asked me many times how to thank me in return for my kindness. So, I told her she does not have to repay me, but she should help others instead of me when she sees they need help. It is my first time to meet such a wonderful friend and I am grateful to be able to help her.


Last Updated on Monday, 17 December 2018 15:31
Language Exchange Stories --- Don't know where I would be without them!

Language Exchange --- Don't know where I would be without them!
spiderwick, Warrington UK/minobu519, Japan, kazuaki, Japan, nadesiko, Japan

I've met some great people. I'm currently learning Japanese and I've met three people who are really helping me with my language skills! As a self-study student I'm often coming up against some difficulties with the language; difficulties my text book really doesn't explain. But the three people I have met are always kind enough to help me through it. I also like to return the favour to help with any English problems. But that's not all! We share our differences in culture, exchange book and music recommendations. Though we are all hard workers, often leaving our chats to the weekend, we are always happy to have a friendly natter when we can. Don't know where I would be without them!


Last Updated on Monday, 17 December 2018 15:32
Language Exchange Stories --- I recommend ForeignerCN Friends to anyone with cross-border interests!

Language Exchange --- I recommend ForeignerCN friends & language partners to anyone with cross-border interests!
Hachimitsusan, Colorado USA/captain0051, Kobe Japan

World FriendsLiving in the central U.S. it has been difficult for me to have friendships with East Asian people as there are so few living here and the cultural values of East Asians seem to be only vaguely understood or appreciated here. My wife is a Japanese and we travel back and forth to Japan fairly frequently but for me personally as an American born guy. I find it difficult to learn more about Japanese language and culture when we are not actually there. I find my membership in Worldfirends to be a very special and helpful resource for meeting new East Asian friends and especially with Japanese people who can speak both Japanese and English languages. I have studied Japanese language for many years in classes here in the U.S. but most of it has been academic and separated from the actual daily concerns of everyday Japanese life. My ForeignerCN friends & language partners contacts have been very helpful for my developing a deeper understanding of the language and how it applies to real world situations. I consider the availability of ForeignerCN friends & language partners as a special and much needed resource for anyone in the two general areas of the world (East Asia and the U.S.) to communicate, exchange cultural information, and simply to get more familiar with each other as friends and people. The ForeignerCN friends & language partners administrators and web hosts have always been helpful and courteous when I have contacted them with my questions and concerns. ForeignerCN friends & language partners has fulfilled many of the wishes and desires I have had for more contact with Japanese people when I am not actually there myself..and I recommend it to anyone having similar interests in developing their language skills and desire for cultural exchange.


Last Updated on Monday, 17 December 2018 15:32
International Friendship Stories --- It was April 28th and that day was my birthday

International Friends --- It was April 28th and that day was my birthday
victoyjoy, China and Chris, France

I went online as usual. Then i noticed that someone sent me an email. It said that he wanted to chat with me, and maybe be a friend of mine. He is from Paris in France and i am from China. Although i am an english major undergraduate student. My english is not very well so is he. we just chatted and then i thought i should tell him.Anyway, it was a special day for me. i told him that day was my birthday then he was very surprised and asked me if it was true. i responded him it was really the truth. He said "i just feel surprised.because today is my birthday too'. i was very happy and could not describe my feeling. Because i think maybe something is really predestined. we had a good chat that night and i considered him as a good friend of mine. Maybe you will ask me the result of it.i think the result is that we become international good friends. That is enough for me and just want to treasure it.


Last Updated on Monday, 17 December 2018 15:33
International Friendship Stories --- Met special penpals on ForeignerCN friends & language partners!

International Friends --- Met special penpals on ForeignerCN friends & language partners!beemg, Hanover, Germany / Sachiko, Tokyo Japan

The first penpal I found lives in Tokyo, the other side of the world from Germany! She helped me prepare my trip to Japan early last year and also met me when I visited Tokyo. I spent a wonderful day sightseeing with her! Ever since we have been writing to each other nearly every week and when I travel to Japan again this autumn, I will be able to hold her new-born baby in my arms! What a wonderful occasion to see my dear friend again! The other penfriend is a Scottish lass which I incidentally also met in Japan!

Two people from Europe travel across the globe to meet in Japan! We exchanged many travel details before we left for Japan and when we got there, she came travelling down from the north of Japan....I came up from the south, we met in the middle of Tokyo and had a nice cake and coffee at a Starbucks. We had many travel stories to tell each other and exchanged many tips and after only 2 hours we both had to continue our journeys in opposite directions... But again, we still keep in contact from time to time.......after all, thats what penpals are for!!! I also would like to mention all the many short-term and long-term penpals, like my friend from India (who writes to me nearly every day!), some Europeans and some more Japanese who I have been in touch with over the years thanks to ForeignerCN friends & language partners!


Last Updated on Monday, 17 December 2018 15:33
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