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Travel in Anhui

 Travel in Anhui

Yuexi County - A Natural Garden in China

Yuexi County in Spring

With forest coverage reaching 73%, Yuexi County  (yuè xī xiàn 岳西县), located in Anqing  (ān qìng shì 安庆市) and in the southwest of Anhui Province  (ān huī shěng 安徽省), features picturesque scenery and agreeable weather. It's regarded as a natural garden in China as well as a base of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs.

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Anqing - The Birthplace of Peking Opera

Zhenfeng Pagoda in The Night

Anqing  (ān qìng shì 安庆市), located in the southwest of Anhui Province  (ān huī shěng 安徽省), borders Lu'an  (liù ān shì 六安市) to the north, Chaohu  (cháo hú shì 巢湖市) to the northeast, Tongling  (tóng líng shì 铜陵市) to the east, Chizhou  (chí zhōu shì 池州市) to the southeast, and Jiangxi Province  (jiāng xī shěng 江西省) and Hubei Province  (hú běi shěng 湖北省) to the south and west respectively.

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Huainan - Hometown of Bean Curd

An Aerial View of Dragon Lake Park

Huainan  (huái nán shì 淮南市), located in the south-east of China and the middle reaches of the Huaihe River  (huái hé 淮河), is a new energy city and an important industrial city of Anhui Province as it is is one of the five largest coalfields in China. It is bounded on the east by Chuzhou  (chú zhōu shì 滁州市) and shares boundary with Hefei  (hé féi shì 合肥市), the capital of Anhui Province  (ān huī shěng 安徽省) in the south. Boasting sites of rich natural and cultural resources, it is making great efforts to open new tourist attractions. 

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Wuhu - Hometown of Iron Picture

Wuhu Yangtse Bridge

Wuhu (wú hú 芜湖), located in the southeast of Anhui Province (ān huī shěng 安徽省) and in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River (cháng jiāng 长江), is the subcenter of Anhui Province in terms of politics, economy, transportation and culture, as well as a member of Nanjing Metropolitan Coordinating Region (nán jīng dū shì quān 南京都市圈).

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Bengbu – The Place of Farewell My Concubine

Huaihe Culture Square

Bengbu (bèng bù 蚌埠), located in the the middle-lower reaches of Huaihe River (huái hé 淮河), facing the Yangtze River Delta (cháng jiāng sān jiǎo zhōu 长江三角洲), is one of the biggest cities as well as the first prefecture-level city in Anhui Province (ān huī shěng 安徽省). With a wide economic hinterland, it has become the economic lifeblood in the province and an important transport hub in China. As a result it has been always regarded as the stronghold for Huainan (huái nán 淮南) and Huaibei (huái běi 淮北).

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