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Travel in Anhui

 Travel in Anhui

Hefei – A Strategic Passage in Jiangnan

the Beautiful Lake Swan in Hefei

Hefei  (hé féi shì 合肥市), lying between the Yangtze River  (cháng jiāng 长江) and Huaihe River  (huái hé 淮河), is located at the center of Anhui Province  (ān huī shěng 安徽省) with Huainan  (huái nán shì 淮南市) to its north, Chuzhou  (chú zhōu shì 滁州市) to its northeast, Chaohu  (cháo hú shì 巢湖市) to its southeast and Lu'an  (liù ān shì 六安市) to its west.

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